PhotonPath and Jabil jointly debut pluggable optical channel monitor (OCM)

Oct. 1, 2023
The vendors will showcase the new OCM solution during the ECOC 2023 conference.

GLASGOW, Scotland--PhotonPath is collaborating with the photonics business unit at Jabil, a global manufacturing services company, to develop and commercialize a Pluggable Optical Channel Monitor (OCM) on a QSFP form factor. Jabil will host a demonstration of the QSFP OCM solution at the ECOC 2023 conference (Oct. 2-4, Glasgow, Scotland).

One of the goals of the partnership is to help Optical Network Operators (ONOs) overcome the issue of effectively monitoring optical powers from multiple points in their networks. These providers have struggled with the dimensions and costs of optical monitors, leaving them blind to the actual channel powers due to a lack of monitoring capabilities. Compounding this problem is the emergence of coherent interfaces in data center interconnection scenarios, which requires new solutions for non-intrusive optical monitoring with more flexibility and compatibility with data center practices.

The pluggable OCM solves this problem by providing what PhotonPath calls a compact optical module that easily integrates with current equipment. It already combines an optical tap, which eliminates the need for extra components to monitor channels in customer networks and allows monitoring of flexgrid channel powers as low as -40 dBm at its input. Its digital electrical interface will enable customers to configure the channel plan they want to measure and poll for measurement data every 50 ms.

Both companies bring something to the table. PhotonPath brings its Integrated Photonics technology to the collaboration through its nanoOCM, an ultra-compact OCM that utilizes PhotonPath's proprietary Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology. Jabil’s expertise in pluggable design and high-volume manufacturing will play an instrumental role in developing a high-performance, cost-effective QSFP OCM for optical networks.

"We are excited to collaborate with Jabil to develop and commercialize a Pluggable OCM on a QSFP form factor," said Douglas Aguiar, Chief Executive Officer of PhotonPath. "Our Integrated Photonics technology combined with Jabil's expertise in high-volume manufacturing will enable us to bring this product to market quickly and at a competitive price."

KW Hoo, VP of the photonics business unit at Jabil, said the collaboration with PhotonPath will enable it to scale production of the product while increasing its market penetration in the pluggables segment. "The collaboration with PhotonPath aligns with our mission to continually invest in enabling technologies and innovation solutions on behalf of our customers," Hoo said. 

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