AFL’s planned Poland fiber plant to address regional bandwidth demands

Oct. 23, 2023
Set to open next year, the new plant will allow the vendor to address regional customers.

AFL has hatched plans to build a new sustainable fiber manufacturing facility in Poland to address the region’s rapidly growing bandwidth needs. When the plant opens in mid-2024, it will enable AFL to meet customer delivery expectations and more efficiently serve regional customers.

Poland's central European location, skilled workforce, and support for green manufacturing make it an ideal choice for AFL and a perfect fit as they grow their production footprint to keep pace with customer demands across the region.

The Poland facility will become AFL's fourth European production center, joining existing optical cable factories in the UK and Germany and assembly/hardware manufacturing in the UK. The expansion reflects AFL's priority to locate sustainable manufacturing and logistics close to major hubs and enable faster customer deliveries.

Steve Polidan, VP of Connectivity at AFL, said the new facility will enable it to be more responsive and address environmental impacts.

“We can improve delivery speeds and responsiveness by locating production closer to our customers," he said. “This will allow us to serve their business needs better as demand rapidly scales across the region. Sustainability is also central to our expansion strategy. The plant will help AFL reduce its environmental impact through energy efficiency, waste reduction, conservation, and other initiatives."

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