Bharti Airtel builds a pan-Indian optical network with Nokia’s OTN

Nov. 21, 2023
The incumbent provider’s revamped optical transport network (OTN) will enable Bharti Airtel to provide massive capacity to enterprises, operators and hyperscalers.

Bharti Airtel is deploying a next-gen optical transport network that will provide additional capacity, higher reliability and lower cost for its customers. The provider will use Nokia’s 1830 PSS-x OTN switches in its National Long-Distance Network connecting major cities across India.

The service provider is upgrading its network to accommodate the augmentation of backhaul transport for denser 5G mobile networks, wholesale connectivity for new segments like intelligent grids, datacenter interconnect (DCI) and other business services.

To address this exponential growth in traffic demand, transport networks need to be upgraded to increase overall transport capacity and bandwidth efficiency using high-capacity OTN switching and utilizing additional spectrum, including the L-band wavelengths of the fiber. The increased capacity will mean that Bharti can deliver faster and more reliable broadband services and be ready for new use cases. 

Nokia’s OTN solution enables Bharti Airtel to upgrade its legacy transport switching infrastructure across its pan-Indian network footprint to meet new transport network traffic demands while improving its network's performance and reliability. 

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