Our new new thing

In case you haven’t been to our website recently and didn’t watch this month’s “First Take” video, here’s a reason to do both. We’ve completely redesigned the Lightwave website, www.lightwaveonline.com, as well as expanded the scope of our coverage.

Besides updating the overall look, we’ve reorganized the site into seven major topic centers:

  • FTTx
  • Equipment Design
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Test & Measurement
  • MSO Optics
  • Business

Two of these new topic centers deserve further discussion. Our MSO Optics section highlights our expanded coverage of the growing use of optical technology by cable operators around the world. You’ll learn not only about the use of fiber optics in MSO access networks but also in the core.

Meanwhile, our new Education section combines our coverage of training, standards, and events – including upcoming Lightwave events. You’ll also find some of our more “general” information, such as our links and glossary.

Regardless of the topic center, you’ll have easy access to news and features written exclusively for the website, videos featuring interviews and analysis, and relevant articles from the e-zine. You’ll also find whitepapers, webcasts, product highlights, and other sponsored information resources. If you want even more specialized coverage, be sure to explore the subtopic pages within each topic.

We’ve also made the website more interactive. You can now offer comments on our articles as well as our blog, plus rank articles and see how others have responded.

If you want more information, you can go directly to the site – or, as I mentioned, check out this month’s “First Take” video. We shot it using our new studio facilities.

That’s a lot of “new” at one time. But unlike the subject of the Michael Lewis book whose title I swiped above, these new efforts reflect our 25-year heritage of fiber-optics coverage. That’s not new—that’s constant.

Stephen M. Hardy
Editorial Director
& Associate Publisher

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