Pirelli and Panduit join forces

17 February 2003 -- Pirelli Telecom Cables & Systems, Milan, has established an agreement with Panduit Ltd. to include its Sirocco Blown Fibre System in their structured cabling solutions.

17 February 2003Italy will be the first market to benefit from the introduction of the system when it is officially launched at "Cabling" in Milan on 25 - 26 February 2003.

The Sirocco blown fibre system is a flexible fibre-delivery solution that allows much of the cost of fibre to be deferred while ensuring the potential for migration from copper to fibre or from standard to enhanced fibres for higher capacity systems (multimode, singlemode, OM3 and FineLight). The solution suits areas such as finance and education where flexibility and future network expansion are essential.

Optical fibre units of 2, 4, 8 or 12 fibres can be blown into tubing with 1, 2, 4, 7, 12, 19 or 24 sub-units. There is a full range of Blown Fibre tubing (indoor, duct and direct burial options), accessories (plug-in connectors) and fibre management products. The Sirocco system includes the blowing equipment and training of staff to install the products and provide an end to end solution.

Panduit's VP of Business Development, Steve Luczkiw, said, "Pirelli's Sirocco system components complement Panduit's copper and fibre range. Blown fibre gives our customers the opportunity to meet today's requirements cost effectively while providing a clear upgrade path for any future needs."

Sirocco's infrastructure products, which all fulfil conditions of the British Telecom Licence (made exclusively under licence from BT), together with Panduit's range of patch panels, fibre outlets, patchcords and pigtails, provide an unparalleled solution and customers can take extra confidence in Panduit's 25-year warranty programme, "Certification Plus".

The first installation of the Sirocco system in Panduit's structured cabling solution is planned for the first quarter of 2003 in Pirelli's home country of Italy. "Both Pirelli and Panduit consider that Italy presents a unique opportunity for the introduction of the Sirocco system in a premise application" said Luczkiw. "This will take us into further joint projects around the world".

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