Teleglobe provides NORDUnet with North Atlantic link

19 February 2003 -- Teleglobe has announced an agreement with NORDUnet to provide a high speed bandwidth link between Iceland and NORDUnet, the Nordic Internet highway connecting Nordic research and education networks.

19 February 2003 -- Teleglobe has announced an agreement with NORDUnet to provide a high speed bandwidth link connecting the Icelandic research and education community to NORDUnet, the Nordic Internet highway connecting research and education networks in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

With over one million users in the Nordic countries, NORDUnet is one of the most advanced research and education networks in the world.

The agreement requires the provision of a STM-1 155mbit/s connection between Reykjavik and Lyngby, Denmark. Using this new high bandwidth link provided by Teleglobe, researchers and academics in Iceland will be able to exchange information and collaborate with their colleagues in the Nordic area.

"We are pleased to be extending our relationship with Teleglobe" said Peter Villemoes, General Manager, NORDUnet. "For over five years, Teleglobe has been providing NORDUnet with advanced networking services that our academic and research communities require for collaboration and exchange of information."

Serge Fortin, chief operating officer of Teleglobe, said, "We look forward to continuing working with NORDUnet in supporting their goal in joining the communication of Nordic academic communities."Â
Teleglobe has been an active participant in the deployment of education and research networks throughout the world since 1994. In addition to NORDUnet, Teleglobe provides capacity to a number of major international academic networks in various countries including Canada, Ireland, China, and Malaysia.Â
Teleglobe is a provider of international voice, wireless roaming, data and Internet services. Today, Teleglobe owns and operates an extensive global telecommunications network built over a combination of wavelength IRUs, ownership or participation in 90 fiber optic submarine cable systems, satellite capacity, and leased transmission capacity. This provides Teleglobe with reach to over 240 countries and territories with advanced data capabilities.
Teleglobe has 275 direct and bilateral relations with incumbents and alternative carriers. The company also provides data and IP access from numerous points of presence on its network and has private and public peering arrangements with 70 connections, including Tier 1 providers in North America, Europe and Asia.

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