Hawaii I-Net selects LuxN to enhance its fiber optic network

March 6, 2001
Mar. 6, 2001--The Hawaii Institutional Network (I-Net) has turned to LuxN, a provider of high-bandwidth multi-service optical access solutions, to enhance its existing fiber optic network.

The Hawaii Institutional Network (I-Net) has turned to LuxN, a provider of high-bandwidth multi-service optical access solutions, to enhance its existing fiber optic network.

LuxN enables the I-Net to increase its network capacity and reach by deploying LuxN WavSystem, a versatile and affordable optical access platform that simultaneously supports high-bandwidth data, video, storage, and other time division multiplexing services. LuxN WavSystem, which will underlay the existing I-Net OC-12 SONET infrastructure, preserves the existing investment, while enabling both an order of magnitude increase in bandwidth and the support of additional traffic, such as Gigabit Ethernet, over the same two-strand optical fiber plant.

Now I-Net constituents, which include the University of Hawaii and its Community Colleges, the Hawaii Department of Education overseeing the state's K-12 school districts, and government offices of the State of Hawaii, will be able to benefit from an optical network that supports a variety of protocols and offers multigigabit per second bandwidth.

LuxN's solution delivered other benefits to I-Net constituents, including the extension of distance learning to new students and making the state more efficient in transacting e-business. The Hawaii Department of Education can deploy Internet connectivity even more widely to their school facilities, while the University of Hawaii will take advantage of the higher access speeds to facilitate applications such as research, distance learning and faster Internet access.

In addition to a boost in bandwidth, LuxN WavSystem products offered I-Net important network management benefits. In I-Net's previous pure SONET environment, everyone shared the same bandwidth, and any modification to the network infrastructure required all constituents to agree on the change. LuxN's products support Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM), so now I-Net members can allocate and regulate bandwidth independently, while expanding the capabilities and reach of the overall network.

The LuxN WavSystem family of products enables enterprises and service providers to offer new types of services such as Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel in a transparent and native fashion without the inefficiencies and equipment expenses of protocol conversions. The three WavSystem product configurations include the LuxN WavStation, a NEBS Level 3 compliant, central office (or point-of-presence) component which aggregates and manages up to 16 separate channels of optical traffic; the LuxN WavFarer, a smaller, 8 channel central office product often used for buildings with multiple tenants or services and the LuxN WavPortal a modem-sized, single-channel device for individual customer premises.

About LuxN, Inc.:

LuxN, Inc. is a provider of multi-service, intelligent, optical access network platforms. For more information, visit www.luxn.com.

About I-Net:

Hawaii's Institutional Network (I-Net) is a partnership among the State of Hawaii, the University of Hawaii system, and the Hawaii State Department of Education. The I-Net is used to support telecommunications among Hawaii's universities, community colleges and public schools. The I-Net also provides connectivity between the University, DOE and State of Hawaii to meet inter-organizational communication requirements and provide access to Internet service providers.