JDSU software supports Raman amplification

MAY 20, 2008 -- JDSU says it has integrated control software for Raman amplification within the JDSU AON Embedded Operating System.

MAY 20, 2008 -- JDSU says it has integrated control software for Raman amplification within the JDSU AON Embedded Operating System. The AON Embedded OS is used in circuit packs by network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and service providers to manage optical functions as part of their DWDM network infrastructures.

The new Raman control software is designed to help extend the transmission distances of optical signals between data centers up to 250 km or more without the need for mid-span optical amplifiers. As companies increasingly use online applications to run operations, extending transmission distances with the JDSU Raman amplification technology may lower the chance of data loss from unexpected events such as power outages.

Extending transmission distances can also simplify ongoing operations and reduce costs for NEMs and service providers by removing the need to manage and house mid-span optical amplifiers. Raman amplification has been successfully used in long-distance submarine network systems for several years, and has now evolved as an option for underground network systems in the terrestrial market.

"The use of Raman amplification is growing in popularity because of its superior performance and ability to extend the distance of optical transmissions -- this becomes even more important as faster 40G data rates take off," said Dave Nicholson, senior director of research and development in the Optical Communications business segment at JDSU. "JDSU has designed its AON Embedded Operating System in a modular way so that we can seamlessly add new functionality like Raman amplification to take network infrastructures to the next level of efficiency."

Using Raman amplification, an optical beam traveling over a fiber interacts with shorter-wavelength light in a process called "Raman scattering." The Raman pump control software within the AON Embedded OS controls the pump lasers that amplify the optical beam. Because of its special properties, Raman amplification can be generated in the transmission fiber over tens of kilometers, instead of confining the signal boost within specific amplifier sites, improving the optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) within networks. This allows optical wavelengths to travel over longer distances.

The JDSU AON Embedded Operating System is a telecom-grade application framework that supports major optical functions within circuit packs. In addition to managing day-to-day optical activities, the operating system is designed with a modular software approach that allows JDSU design engineers to easily add new optical devices, applications, and customer systems. The AON Embedded OS will be a key part of the JDSU AON Super Transport Blade, an all-in-one optical transport offering that is expected to be released later in 2008.

The Raman control software feature is currently available to all NEMs using JDSU circuit packs that use the AON Embedded OS.

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