Hamamatsu expands its InGaAs lineup for LD and DWDM monitoring

FEBRUARY 14, 2008 -- Hamamatsu Corp. has introduced several InGaAs devices for laser diode (LD) and DWDM monitoring.

FEBRUARY 14, 2008 -- Hamamatsu Corp. (search for Hamamatsu) has introduced several InGaAs devices for laser diode (LD) and DWDM monitoring.

InGaAs devices for LD monitoring include front-illuminated and back-illuminated InGaAs PIN photodiodes. The G8941 series (G8941-01/-02/-03) is a sub-mount and front-illuminated type InGaAs PIN photodiode with active areas ranging from 0.3 mm to 1 mm in diameter. Each miniature package is 2x2x1 mm. A back-illuminated InGaAs PIN photodiode, the G9230-01, is eutectic-bonded to a ceramic substrate, eliminating the need for wire bonding. Its active area is 0.3 mm in diameter, and its package dimensions are 2x2x1 mm. Hamamatsu also offers a quadrant active area type.

Hamamatsu's InGaAs devices specifically designed as channel monitors for DWDM monitoring include a photodiode array (G8909-01) and image sensors (G9201 to G9204 series, G9494 series). An InGaAs photodiode array, the G8909-01 features 40-channel parallel readout and low cross-talk. It has an active area of 0.08 mm in diameter.

The image sensors consist of an InGaAs photodiode array with each pixel connected to a charge amplifier array comprised of CMOS transistors, a CDS circuit, an offset compensation circuit, a shift register, and a timing generator. These image sensors offer one video line (256 channels) or two video lines (512 channels), wide dynamic range, low noise, low dark current, and low cross-talk, Hamamatsu says. The DIP (dual inline package) model is operated at room temperature while the metal model features one-stage TE-cooling.

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