GigOptix develops 28-Gbps MZ modulator driver and EO polymer-based modulator

MARCH 27, 2009 -- GigOptix introduces two 100G-enabling devices for development.

MARCH 27, 2009 -- GigOptix Inc. (search Lightwave for GigOptix), a provider of electronic engines for optical communications applications, has announced two new 100G-enabling devices.

The company is developing a four-channel 28-Gbps Mach-Zehnder (MZ) modulator driver, integrated into a single GPPO package. The target release for production samples is 1Q10; early prototypes for research and development of DP-QPSK 100-Gbps transmitters are already available upon request.

The company also says it is the first to offer an electro-optic polymer-based NRZ MZ modulator operating at 100 Gbps. While the company is focusing on the productization of its 40G DPSK modulators, it is also making available the higher-speed devices for the research and development community.

GigOptix currently offers advanced engineering samples of 100G polymer modulators and 4x28G electro-optic (EO) drivers.

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