Micram debuts mux/demux chips for OOK modulation

MARCH 26, 2009 -- The silicon provider claims its newest chips are the first to support on-off keying for modulation.

MARCH 26, 2009 -- German chipmaker Micram has announced several new components at OFC/NFOEC 2009 in San Diego (Booth #411, German Companies Pavilion), including the first silicon supporting the on-off keying (OOK) modulation scheme, the company reports.

"Our goal in 100G is to give optical communications visionaries the tools they need to bring their ideas to life as quickly as possible," said Matthias Tom Frei, chief executive officer of Micram. "Our latest range of components greatly expands what aggressive developers can achieve over the next 12 to 18 months. In particular, we are announcing the first silicon supporting OOK, an important electrical modulation scheme that Micram is taking from the theoretical to the practical with our new 112G Mux/Demux chips."

In its new range of silicon, Micram provides several multiplexer, demultiplexer, and MSDFF components supporting the 30- and 60-Gbps speed ranges. The MX4130F 4:1 mux provides an FPGA control layer, enabling very high-speed data streams to be generated by off-the-shelf FPGAs from Xilinx (search Lightwave for Xilinx) and Altera (search Lightwave for Altera).

Other new components include a series of single and quad transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) supporting both 3.3- and 5.2-V applications, as well as a clock distribution module and frequency divider chip.

  • CDR14112 - 112-Gbps CDR with 1:4 demux with integrated VCO and PLL
  • MX41112 - 112-Gbps 4:1 mux
  • DMX1460 - 60-Gbps 1:4 demux
  • MX4130F - 30-Gbps 4:1 mux with FPGA interface (Xilinx Virtex 4/5 and Altera Stratix-IV)

MSD Flipflops
  • DFF30 - 30-GHz master-slave D-Flipflop
  • DFF60 - 60-GHz master-slave D-Flipflop

Transimpedance amplifiers
  • TIA5633 - 56-Gbps TIA (3.3 V)
  • TIA5652 - 56-Gbps TIA (5.2 V)
  • TIA4C-5633 - 56-Gbps quad TIA (3.3 V)
  • TIA4C-5652 - 56-Gbps quad TIA (5.2 V)

Clock distribution module
  • CD15 - 15-GHz versatile clock distribution module (enables syncing of several DACs or ADCs and provides clocks for FPGAs)

Frequency divider
  • FD60 - 60-GHz frequency divider with selectable ratio (2 to 256)

Also at OFC/NFOEC, Micram has teamed with test and measurement company LeCroy Corp. (search Lightwave for Lecroy) to demonstrate both the Micram VEGA DAC 25's performance in real-time signal generation and the capabilities of the LeCroy WaveMaster sampling oscilloscopes in measuring that performance.

In the live demonstration, signals generated by the VEGA DAC 25 are captured, displayed, and measured by a LeCroy WaveMaster 8 Zi, a fast, high-bandwidth, real-time digital oscilloscope.

Micram VEGA DAC 25 and ADC 30 signal converters deliver up to a 60 GS/s conversion rate at 20-GHz bandwidth, providing full 100GbE bandwidth today.

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