Finisar showcases 40G and 100G, 16x FC technologies

MARCH 26, 2009 -- Finisar is demonstrating next-gen form factors for 40G and 100G optical links at OFC/NFOEC.

MARCH 26, 2009 -- Finisar Corp. (search Lightwave for Finisar) has demonstrated several new optical communication technologies at OFC/NFOEC 2009, including a 120-Gbps parallel link, 16x Fibre Channel SFP+ transceiver, and 40-Gbps DWDM transponders utilizing RZ-DQPSK modulation.

Finisar also has demonstrated WaveShaper, what it says is the industry's first programmable optical processor family for the optical instrumentation market. Demonstrations take place in Finisar's Booth #1734 at OFC/NFOEC 2009, March 24-26, in San Diego, CA.

Finisar has shown a working 120-Gbps link over multimode fiber using a 12x10-Gbps parallel active optical cable that incorporates the new CXP pluggable form factor. This will be the first public demonstration of a working CXP-based active optical cabling technology, targeted at InfiniBand and Ethernet data center connectivity in high-Performance computing, storage, and networking applications. Additionally, the company is displaying the new 40-Gbps and 100-Gbps CFP pluggable transceiver form factor. Finisar is a founding member of the CFP MSA.

Says Rafik Ward, vice president of marketing at Finisar, "Finisar's demonstration of a working 120-Gbps link using a 12x10-Gbps parallel active optical cable serves not only as an important proof-of-concept in enabling 100G line rates, but also demonstrates significant progress in optics technology."

Also being shown is the company's 40-Gbps DWDM optical transponder based on the RZ-DQPSK modulation format. The 300-pin MSA transponder is designed to enable carriers to migrate their metro core, regional, and long-haul networks to 40 Gbps. Facilitating high OSNR sensitivity and PMD tolerance, it is capable of supporting a large dynamic range of input optical power levels. The RZ-DQPSK transponder can be designed into the same line cards as Finisar's NRZ-DPSK 300-pin transponders as a compatible drop-in option for OTU3 and OTU3e DWDM line cards.

Finisar is also showing a live 16x Fibre Channel (FC) shortwave SFP+ transceiver capable of operating over 150 m of OM3 fiber. Currently being standardized by the INCITS T11 committee, 16x Fibre Channel is the next Fibre Channel data rate for storage area networks. This SFP+ module is designed to meet the stringent requirements for reliability and link integrity required for mission-critical enterprise data-storage applications. According to the company, it operates at 14 Gbps with "exceptionally low" power dissipation.

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