ColorChip launches 2.5G bidirectional SFP transceiver

MARCH 24, 2009 -- ColorChip says its SFP transceiver provides up to 40-km connectivity over a single fiber.

MARCH 24, 2009 -- ColorChip (search Lightwave for ColorChip), a developer of technologies for the fiber-optics industry, has announced its 2.5-Gbps bidirectional transceiver. The new hot-pluggable SFP transceiver provides up to a 40-km data link over a single fiber.

The transceiver is a single-fiber diplexer optical transceiver with an upstream 1,310-nm DFB laser and a downstream 1,490-nm PIN/TIA receiver. The product is based on the company's SystemOnGlass (SOG) technology. The system comprises a mountable glass chip that integrates commercial laser diodes, photodiodes, and electronic and electro-optic components using no free-space elements.

CEO Moshe Price says the pluggable transceiver will first enable the PLC chip-based technology for high-speed datacom applications, paving the way for the company to provide more pluggable products for datacom centers and metro applications.

ColorChip's new wafer-scale photonics packaging approach uses the company's Ion-Exchange PLC waveguides technology. ColorChip says the technology, which enables simplified photonic integration circuitry (PIC) into optical network terminals/optical network units (ONTs/ONUs), offers a reliable small-form-pluggable (SFP) transceiver with high yield and scalability due to fully automated manufacturing.

ColorChip will exhibit in Booth #2940 at OFC/NFOEC 2009, March 22-24, at the San Diego Convention Center.

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