CoAdna offers 50-GHz WSS modules

MARCH 18, 2009 -- CoAdna doubles transport capacity for ROADM and WXC applications with 50-GHz WSS.

MARCH 18, 2009 -- CoAdna Photonics Inc. (search Lightwave for CoAdna), a supplier of dynamic modules for ROADM and WXC applications, has announced availability of liquid-crystal-based 50-GHz wavelength selective switches (WSSs) that are designed to enable cost-effective expansion of bandwidth and building of flexible and intelligent optical networks.

The 50-GHz WSS incorporates the functionality of the proprietary LightFlow platform scalable from 1x2 to 1x9 configurations for 10- and 40-Gbps applications. Like the company's 100-GHz WSS product portfolio, the 50-GHz modules offer integrated functionalities of demuxing, hitless/colorless switching, power balancing, and muxing in one package; remote configurability via embedded firmware and software; scalability, and low power consumption. The product features low insertion loss, high dynamic range, and flat and wide passband and blockband for high cascadability for both long-haul and metro applications.

CoAdna provides a broad WSS portfolio to cover all areas of ROADM and WXC applications ranging from 1x1 DCE/Wavelength Blocker (DCEB) to Nx1 or 1xN with N=2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 16 and higher-port-count WSS modules.

The new modules will be showcased at CoAdna's OFC/NFOEC 2009 Booth #1107 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA, Mar. 24-26, 2009.

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