Siemon's fiber-optic connector and tool kit halves field termination time

AUGUST 13, 2009 -- The XLR8 tool combines splice activation and mechanical crimp into a single step for faster fiber terminations.

AUGUST 13, 2009 -- Siemon (search Lightwave for Siemon) has introduced its XLR8 mechanical splice connector and termination system for fiber-optic cabling. The XLR8 system incorporates a dual-process activation tool that is designed to reduce termination time per connector. The combination of the XLR8 tool and Siemon's new prepolished XLR8 mechanical splice LC and SC connectors supports deployment of high-performance fiber links with termination speed and quality.

To maximize termination speed and connector performance, the XLR8 system was designed to reduce the termination process to a single intuitive step. The process combines splicing and crimping as opposed to more common multistep products. According to Siemon, the simplified design cuts termination times in half compared to competing systems. The reduction in steps also limits excess operator handling of connections during termination that can negatively impact splice integrity and link performance.

To further enhance connector performance, the entire XLR8 termination process is completed with the connector dust-cap in place, protecting the fiber's endface polish from contamination or damage, optimizing reliability and mated performance.

The universal tool is capable of terminating either SC or LC interfaces with no tooling changeovers required. Ergonomically designed for use in handheld or table-top orientation, it ensures full splice and crimp engagement using a locking mechanism that secures the connector in place until the tool is fully cycled. The tool is available in a complete kit that contains all accessories required for high performance terminations, including a fiber cleaver designed to provide clean, precision cleaves on an array of fiber types.

XLR8 LC and SC connectors support the multimode and singlemode versions of Siemon's 10-Gbps XGLO and Gigabit-ready LightSystem products and exceed TIA standards for optical performance and fiber retention strength.

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