Lightwave Logic links up with Perdix on product, systems development

AUGUST 5, 2009 - Lightwave Logic has retained Perdix to identify and develop specific products for market segments for Lightwave Logic's electro-optical material platform.

AUGUST 5, 2009 -- Lightwave Logic Inc. (search Lightwave for Lightwave Logic), a technology company focused on the development of electro-optic polymer materials for applications in high-speed fiber-optic telecommunications and optical computing, has retained Perdix Inc. to help identify and build prototype products for high-growth potential target markets in fiber-optic telecom systems. Perdix also will explore the desired electro-optic modulator specifications to supply cost-effective systems for existing and planned systems.

"I have worked with Perdix, on and off, for more than a decade. I employed Perdix for similar study and design tasks when I was with Essex Corp., and have always been impressed with their capabilities," says Terry Turpin of Lightwave Logic.

"We are pleased to be associated with Dr. Kenn Arnett, director of research for Perdix, Inc. Kenn's academic background is complemented by strong experience in project development in optoelectronics and acquired business savvy," says David F Eaton, chief technology officer of Lightwave Logic. "His connections to the industry and funding agencies can benefit us and get us on a path to early success."

"With the expected delivery of our first phase modulator in the coming weeks, Lightwave Logic will focus on and target areas of potential adoption of our technology for specific solutions within fiber-optic telecommunications systems," notes James Marcelli, chief executive officer of Lightwave Logic. " Perdix can help us efficiently identify companies and trends which would be appropriate fits for our electro-optical material platform."

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