Mintera offers enhanced DQPSK DWDM module

JANUARY 20, 2009 -- Mintera Corp. has announced the MI 5000XM, an Enhanced-DQPSK module available in a standard 300-pin package.

JANUARY 20, 2009 -- Mintera Corp. (search for Mintera) has announced the MI 5000XM, an Enhanced-DQPSK module available in a standard 300-pin package.

Mintera will showcase the MI 5000XM, which the company asserts is the industry's first Enhanced-DQPSK module product, at FOE 2009 January 21-23 in Tokyo, Japan. The commercially available MI 5000XM -- which is designed to deliver high PMD tolerance, high launch power tolerance, ROADM support, and ultra-long-haul reach -- will be on display in Hakuto Co. Ltd.'s booth.

Incorporating elements of Mintera's patent-pending Adaptive-DPSK technology, the new MI 5000XM is designed to support channel spacing as small as 25 GHz. The MI 5000XM modulation format also incorporates an enhancement to enable higher channel launch powers resulting in increased transmission reach and greater system design flexibility.

The MI 5000XM conforms to the industry standard footprint and OIF SFI-5 standards. In addition its form and fit compatibility with Mintera's existing MI 4000XM allows customers to fit either module on the same WDM system card. Incorporating an electrical mux/demux for compatibility with any 40-Gbps framer, the module has a 300-pin MSA connector with support for the appropriate I2C commands, thus enabling simple hardware and software integration.

"The addition of the MI 5000XM to our product portfolio enables Mintera to offer a unique product set to our customers," said Mintera President and CEO Terry Unter. "Enabling Mintera's large customer base to utilize their existing card design for deploying the MI 5000XM means our customers can now provide a solution for any network deployment scenario with minimal incremental development cost while offering maximum route design flexibility and low pricing."

The MI 5000XM also incorporates control loops that continuously adapt the internal transmitter and receiver component settings to deliver high transmission performance under the most demanding signal degradation conditions.

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