3S PHOTONICS achieves 20-Gbps transmission test of 1915 LMA laser module

NOVEMBER 5, 2009 -- 3S PHOTONICS' new 1915 LMA 1,550-nm analog DFB laser module has been successfully tested at 19-Gbps over 25 km of singlemode fiber without any chromatic dispersion compensation.

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NOVEMBER 5, 2009 -- 3S PHOTONICS, a manufacturer of optical and optoelectronic components for telecom networks, has announced that a prototype of its 1915 LMA Series of next-generation directly modulated 1,550-nm, high-bandwidth, analog laser modules -- introduced at ECOC 2009 in September -- has been successfully tested at 19 Gbps over 25 km of singlemode fiber without any chromatic dispersion compensation, and using orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) modulation format.

The 1915 LMA prototype, exhibiting 7-GHz bandwidth and +7-dBm output power, was tested by Orange Labs in Lannion (France) within the EPOD (Enhanced PON using OFDM modulation format) telecom project, sponsored by the French National Research Agency - ANR. EPOD is primarily dedicated to access (FTTH) and metropolitan telecom markets, urban connections from 200 to 300 km. Orange Labs, the R&D division of the French telecom provider, leads the EPOD project which also counts 3S PHOTONICS and academic partners LISIF (Laboratories of Electronics and Electromagnetism - L2E of Paris region) and a XLIM research team from University of Limoges/CNRS as participants.

A fully satisfactory 19-Gbps transmission over a 25-km singlemode optical fiber link was experimentally demonstrated using discrete multitone modulation (DMT), a modulation format which is already widely deployed for xDSL-type copper lines. The DMT signal contains 255 subcarriers spread over 5 GHz. Transmission was achieved without any chromatic dispersion compensation and with an 8.5-GHz-bandwidth APD-based receiver module.

3S PHOTONICS says these experimental results reinforce the credibility of using OFDM modulation applied on a directly modulated analog laser module to design the next generation of low-cost broadband optical access networks.

Additional tests are underway to demonstrate the product's transmission capability at 40 Gbps.


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