Nanotech Semiconductor announces expansion with new design team

NOVEMBER 20, 2009 -- Ex-Intel team with extensive 10-Gbps physical media dependent IC experience joins Nanotech to further development of high-speed ICs.

NOVEMBER 20, 2009 -- Nanotech Semiconductor Ltd., a fabless IC company specializing in advanced CMOS analog and mixed-signal ICs for fiber-optic communications, has re-formed an experienced physical media dependent (PMD) IC design team to assist in the company’s future high-speed IC developments.

The team first formed in 1997, while working for Multilink Corp., a pioneer at that time in 10-Gbps PMD ICs for telecommunications applications. Acquired in 2000 by Intel, the team spent a further eight years designing 10-Gbps transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs), limiting amplifiers, and laser and VCSEL drivers. The ICs were taken to mass-production in Intel's 10-Gbps fiber-optic modules, for example in "stressed sensitivity" in the TIA.

The team became available following the sale of Intel's fiber-optics group.

In addition to averaging more than 10 years of PMD IC design experience each, the team also has experience in other mixed-signal domains such as ADCs, DACs, and CDRs. Within a typical 20+ year overall IC design history, process technologies used have included GaAs, bipolar/SiGe, and 90-nm CMOS technologies.

"We are very pleased to welcome such a talented and experienced team to the company. Their track record of 10-Gbps PMD IC design is second to none and combined with our existing highly experienced, high-speed CMOS team we believe we now have easily the largest, most experienced IC design team addressing this market," says Gary Steele, chief executive officer.

"The addition of this team gives a significant boost to our ability to rapidly execute on multiple 5- to 10-Gbps CMOS ICs we are targeting for networking and consumer applications in 2010 and beyond," adds Alan Trainor, vice president, engineering.

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