Opnext showcases 40/100G products at ECOC

SEPTEMBER 22, 2009 -- Opnext introduces 40-Gbps products and highlights a 100-Gbps CFP.

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2009 -- Opnext Inc., a designer and manufacturer of optical modules and components, has added to its 40-Gbps product portfolio with new differential quadrature phase-shift keying (DQPSK) modules for DWDM transmission and compact VSR modules for client applications, in response to demand for longer reach and smaller-size 40-Gbps offerings. The manufacturer says DQPSK technology offers improved optical signal-to-noise-ratio (OSNR) characteristics and 50-GHz channel spacing.

The company's new 40-Gbps VSR-2000-3R2 300-pin MSA transceiver features a compact module and reduced power dissipation. The optical module is SFF and is built in a 3.5x4.5-in. footprint. System applications are migrating toward higher-density 40-Gbps platforms that require smaller modules and reduced power consumptioPennwell web 200 115n.

Opnext is showcasing its CFP MSA-compliant module for 100GBase-LR4 in a live demonstration during ECOC 2009. The CFP MSA defines the form factor of a hot-swappable optical transceiver supporting 40- and 100-Gigabit Ethernet and uses a transceiver electrical interface consisting of multiple 10-Gbps lanes. The 100GbE CFP optical module demonstrated at ECOC transmits and receives via four parallel wavelengths at 25 Gbps each per the IEEE 802.3ba 100GbE project.

"Network equipment vendors are introducing higher-bandwidth switching and routing solutions, flexible DWDM platforms, with extended reach requirements and more challenging thermal environments," says Tadayuki Kanno, president of Opnext's module business unit. "Opnext's 100GbE CFP, new 40G solution DQPSK MSA module, and 40-Gbps SFF VSR delivers the cost and power savings necessary to meet next-generation network requirements."

Opnext is exhibiting in Booth #637 at ECOC 2009, Sept. 21-23, in Vienna, Austria.

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