Finisar delivers enhanced processors for optical R&D and test

SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 -- The company's new WaveShaper S-Series provides flexible programmable optical filtering and wavelength selection switching capabilities for DWDM and other optical applications.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 -- Finisar Corp., a supplier of fiber-optic subsystems and components for communication applications, has introduced the new WaveShaper S-Series extending the flexibility and performance of its family of programmable optical processors. The enhanced optical processors provide advanced arbitrary filter generation and switching capabilities to simplify and increase the precision of optical system development and production test. They are designed for telecom equipment and system manufacturers, R&D laboratories, and universities.

  • WaveShaper optical processors offer support for DWDM system and component testing, optical pulse shaping and control, and high-speed optical research and development. The processors extend the platform with:
  • enhanced liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) optical engine to provide higher optical resolution for improved control of filter shape and dispersion
  • new software, including drivers for LabVIEW and Linux, to simplify integration of the WaveShaper into complex test systems
  • smaller form factor to free up valuable space within test systems

"With the new S-Series, Finisar continues to demonstrate its leadership in optical filtering and Wavelength Selective Switch technology," says Simon Poole, director of new business ventures for Finisar. "By leveraging our extensive optical expertise, we have again delivered unmatched control, precision, and flexibility to our customers."

The company says its WaveShaper is the only fully programmable optical filter and wavelength-selective switch available on the market. It is able to control both the amplitude and phase characteristics of filters and switches to simplify testing of high-speed optical systems and subsystems at 40 and 100 Gbps. For example, it allows researchers to perform optical Fourier domain waveform manipulation as required for femtosecond laser pulse generation.

"The WaveShaper has a unique capability to generate optical transfer functions with arbitrary amplitude and phase," says Professor Ben Eggleton, University of Sydney. "The ability to easily and precisely implement optical Fourier domain waveform transformations has opened up whole new areas of optical communications research based on the WaveShaper's precise control of pulse shape and timing."

The new WaveShaper 1000S and WaveShaper 4000S are available now. Finisar will demonstrate both enhanced WaveShaper S-Series programmable optical processors next week in booth #640 at ECOC in Vienna, Austria, from Sept. 21, 23, 2009.

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