3S PHOTONICS shows analog laser module protoype at ECOC

SEPTEMBER 22, 2009 -- Using OFDM modulation format, 3S PHOTONICS has designed its new 1915 LMA Series analog distributed-feedback (DFB) laser modules to contribute to the deployment of cost-effective, ultrahigh-capacity broadband optical access networks.

Pennwell web 250 189

SEPTEMBER 22, 2009 -- 3S PHOTONICS, a manufacturer of optical and optoelectronic components for telecom networks, has introduced its 1915 LMA Series of next-generation, directly modulated 1,550-nm high-bandwidth analog laser modules optimized for OFDM/QAM modulation formats.

Developed by 3S PHOTONICS for the EPOD telecom project, which is sponsored by the French National Research Agency (ANR), the low-RIN, 10-mW analog laser module enables the transmission of analog signals within an ultrawide bandwidth from 10 MHz to 20 GHz.

ThePennwell web 250 189 module is intended for the distribution and/or the transmission of radio-type signals through broadband fiber links such as radio over fiber (RoF), RF over glass (RFoG), or fiber-to-the-sntenna (FTTA) applications.

"When directly modulated with OFDM technique -- the one implemented in xDSL transmission -- the 1915 LMA represents a perfect transmitter candidate for the next generation of broadband optical access networks, meeting all the stringent requirements set by the convergence of metro and access -- i.e. low cost, mature technology, high bit rate, and extended reach," claims Yannick Bailly, vice president, marketing and product management at 3S PHOTONICS.

"We have developed this 1915 LMA prototype under the EPOD project. [The] purpose was to try to imagine what the next-generation access networks could or should be to overcome the expected bandwidth bottleneck due to the emergence of new Internet services. With our partners within EPOD, we have explored the transmission performances of our 1915 LMA analog laser modules through the use of OFDM modulation format. Objective being to take part to the evolution of access networks providing low-cost high performance optoelectronic technologies. 1915 LMA development is a key step forward for this project," explains Didier Sauvage, member of the board and chief technology officer of 3S PHOTONICS.

The laser module is being showcased at ECOC 2009, Vienna, Austria, from Sept. 21-23 at 3S PHOTONICS' Booth #117.


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