Proximion releases patch cord dispersion-compensation module

JUNE 24, 2009 -- The small-footprint module uses fiber Bragg gratings to eliminate the need for expensive dispersion management in single-channel deployments.

JUNE 24 2009 -- Proximion Fiber Systems AB (search Lightwave for Proximion), a provider of fiber Bragg grating (FBG)-based dispersion-compensation modules (DCMs), announces what it claims as the industry's first patch cord dispersion-compensation module (DCM-PC), the latest in its dispersion-compensation product line. The DCM-PC is a small-footprint product that combines continuously chirped fiber Bragg gratings into a patch cord. Because service providers are already using patch cords connecting boards within their systems, says Proximion, integrating the DCM into the cable eliminates the need for a separate piece of hardware for dispersion management.

According to the company, the DCM-PC is more cost-effective than the alternative -- dispersion-compensation fiber (DCF) --� and provides the same functionality as DCF or traditional DCMs while replacing dedicated and costly terminal floor space needed to house hardware or DCF spools. The module connects one board to another, eliminating the need for two additional patch cords.

"As service providers upgrade networks to 10 gigabits and beyond, dispersion becomes a newfound problem," notes Proximion chief executive officer Stefan Ekman. "perators and system vendors are using patch cords to deliver signals; and by utilizing the cable with the DCM add-on, they are eliminating the need for another piece of hardware to maintain while solving the dispersion issue. The DCM-PC is a cost-effective, rugged option in small form factor."

The module enables vendors and operators to manage dispersion in networks ranging from TDM-based metropolitan and regional networks to channel or sub-band specific residual dispersion compensation in submarine DWDM terminals. The gratings are installed in a 30-to-110-cm-long patch cord rather than in a separate module. The patch cord DCM is suitable for deployment in SONET/SDH and 10-Gigabit Ethernet networks, and in cable television or WDM networks.

The DCM-PC is available in different versions that control dispersion from -1,300 to +1,300 ps/nm over a 6.5-nm-wide band. It will be available for shipping to system houses and service providers during 3Q09.

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