Hutchison Optel deploys Xelerated network processor in metro Ethernet product family

JUNE 16, 2009 -- Xelerated's X11 enables multiservice convergence and transmission of Carrier Ethernet and native TDM services.

JUNE 16, 2009 -- Xelerated (search Lightwave for Xelerated), a supplier of Carrier Ethernet ASSP-based chipsets, has announced that Hutchison Optel has chosen the X11 network processor unit (NPU) for deployment in its Mss family of PTN products. Xelerated says the X11 is a high-function, low-cost NPU that enables Hutchison Optel to extend its entire portfolio of metro Ethernet products, including access, aggregation and core, into the next generation of packet-aware transport systems. This allows Hutchison Optel to converge native TDM services with Carrier Ethernet services.

According to Xelerated, Hutchison Optel chose the X11 for its programmable design, which combines the cost and power efficiency of an ASIC with the advantages of an NPU. Built on Xelerated's patented data flow architecture, the X11 provides wirespeed, deterministic performance, ultimately enabling network equipment vendors to build out carrier-class systems while reducing capital and operational expenditures. The ease of programming cuts down on R&D efforts while minimizing risk and accelerating time-to-market, claims the company. The software-based X11 also allows for in-service upgrades, reducing upgrade time and resulting in short and long-term cost savings.

"The X11's unique wirespeed processing enables our customers to converge their native TDM services with newer Carrier Ethernet services. This allows us to efficiently carry packet-oriented services and provides a futureproof roadmap for our customers," says Wang Honglian, R&D director at Hutchinson Optel.

Hutchison Optel's Mss series of products allow operators to simultaneously deploy Ethernet services alongside traditional TDM services. Specially designed for converged traffic and large traffic access in metro networks, these products support both network and hardware protection and offer scalability, allowing for the future evolution of its General Grooming Switching platform technology.

Christer Rydberg, general manager of Greater China for Xelerated, says, "Hutchison Optel's emphasis on extending Ethernet-based access and aggregation corresponds well with Xelerated's focus on an all Ethernet-based solution for carriers."

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