Mitsubishi Electric announces sale of 1.3-micron-band TOSA

JUNE 30, 2009 -- Operating temperature range and current improvements are expected to help dissipate the equipment's internal heat and reduce power consumption in networks.

JUNE 30, 2009 -- Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (search Lightwave for Mitsubishi Electric) has launched a 1.3-µm-band transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) laser module, the FU-456RDF-9M2, for 10-Gbps optical transmission. The module complies with the XFP and SFP+ standards as well as XMD-MSA, which is a standard for optical transmission devices. Shipments will begin July 1, 2009.

As it is difficult for equipment to release its internal heat due to the high-density mounting of the optical transceiver, the TOSA is required to operate over a wider temperature range than before. It incorporates a newly developed, distributed-feedback laser diode (DFB-LD), which enables the TOSA to be operated at a temperature range of -20 to +95 degrees Celsius, a wider range than the -5 to +85 degrees Celsius range made available by the company's previous TOSA model, the FU-456RDF-8M2. Despite the wider operating temperature range, the new model has the same compact package size.

The company's DFB-LD can operate at 25 mA at 25 degrees Celsius -- a 40% percent lower operating current compared to the 35 mA in previous models. The improvement is expected to lower power consumption in networks.

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