GigOptix extends family of 10G parallel VCSEL drivers

FEBRUARY 4, 2009 � GigOptix's new HXT4004 four-channel 10-Gbps VCSEL driver and the HXT4012 12-channel 10-Gbps VCSEL driver are designed for use in SNAP12 and QSFP4 optical modules.

FEBRUARY 4, 2009 -- GigOptix Inc. (search for GigOptix) today introduced the HXT4004, a four-channel 10-Gbps vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) driver, and the HXT4012, a 12-channel 10-Gbps VCSEL driver to its parallel product family. These products, combined with the existing HXT4104/HXT4112 VCSEL drivers, allow GigOptix to provide the greatest number of options for the parallel transceiver marketplace, say company representatives.

The VCSEL drivers are key components for compact, robust, and low-power optical transmitter modules. In conjunction with the VCSEL array, the chips handle the complete digital-to-optical conversion, including CML input, laser driver, drive control, and supervision. Standard silicon technology and a small number of additional components allow for cost-effective and compact assemblies.

The new HXT4004 and HXT4012 drivers are plug-in compatible versions of the HXT4104 and HXT4112 and designed to operate with either isolated or common cathode VCSEL arrays.

Designed for use in SNAP12 and QSFP4 optical modules, GigOptix HXT4 VCSEL drivers serve the fast growing markets of high-performance computing optical interconnects, switch and router optical backplanes, as well as the new 40G and 100G Ethernet standards. Ovum's forecast of these optical modules "calls for the parallel optics market to grow more than fourfold in the next five years, from $114 million in 2008 to $693 million in 2013."

Samples of the HXT4004 and HXT4012 are available along with an evaluation board for easy evaluation with VCSEL, says the company.

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