D2 Technologies and Opulan deliver EPON IAD and residential gateway technology

JANUARY 7, 2010 -- Opulan's OPL-06752 processors combine with D2's vPort VoIP softwarefor a VoIP-enabled EPON ONU technology for ODMs/OEMs.

JANUARY 7, 2010 -- D2 Technologies, a developer of embedded software platforms that power IP communications, and Opulan Technologies, a provider of 1G/10G EPON chipsets, have announced the availability of D2's vPort Gateway (GW) embedded VoIP software on the OPL-06752 EPON ONU processor from Opulan Technologies. The combined solution allows OEMs/ODMs to quickly deliver advanced EPON integrated access sevices (IADs) and residential gateways that deliver ultrahigh-speed Internet access with optimized carrier-grade VoIP functionality.

"D2 Technologies' vPort VoIP solution is highly optimized and field proven," claims Zheng Liu, president and chief executive officer at Opulan. "vPort's high-quality voice engine and VoIP signaling stack will allow our OEM and ODM customers to minimize risk and accelerate time-to-market for best-in-class EPON IAD products based on the Opulan OPL-06752."

The OPL-06752 is an EPON chipset that is compliant with TR-101/TR-156, powered by a 233-MHz, 32-bit MIPS4KEC CPU core and includes standard EPON MAC for ONU. The OPL-06752 has rich features and interface support including integrated 1.25G SerDes/CDR, one SerDes differential interface for PON plant, one GMII/MII interface for UNI, one MII for out-of-band management, MDIO interface, and other I/O interfaces (PCM/I2C/UART/GPIO/EJAG/JTAG).

"We are pleased to be collaborating with Opulan to offer an industry-leading VoIP-enabled EPON platform to the market," says Doug Makishima, chief operating officer at D2 Technologies. "By combining the strengths of our solutions, we can now offer OEMs a superior technology that delivers proven performance, interoperability, and lower implementation cost."

D2's vPort GW provides carrier-grade VoIP application, protocol, and DSP features for wired/wireless CPEs such as ATA, gateway/router, IAD, and FMC products. vPort's advanced softDSP voice engine includes a comprehensive list of narrowband and wideband/HD CODECs, dynamic adaptive jitter buffer, packet loss compensation, VAD/CNG, DTMF tone generation/detection, echo cancellation, caller ID, and faxrelay.

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