Imtech Telecom installs IP equipment for G�ANT2

JANUARY 3, 2007 - Using Juniper IP network installed by Imtech Telecom, DANTE has interconnected 15 European National Research and Education networks across the G�ANT2 core optical network.

JANUARY 3, 2007 -- Imtech Telecom, a technical services provider that designs, builds, and maintains next-generation networks, has facilitated the IP level for G�ANT2, the pan-European research and education network. As a result, IP connectivity speeds of 10 Gbits/sec now are guaranteed across parts of the G�ANT2 (search for GEANT2) backbone network, enabling over 30 million researchers and students to collaborate on a global scale and benefit from user-focused services such as mobility and roaming.

Commissioned by DANTE (search for DANTE), the research networking organization that manages the G�ANT2 project, Imtech has installed IP equipment in eight points of presence (PoPs) around Europe. This has enabled DANTE to interconnect 15 of Europe's National Research and Education Networks across the G�ANT2 core optical transmission network. Imtech's engineers, which operate across Europe, implemented Juniper's high-end multi-service core routers, optical distribution frames, and out-of-band facilities in all eight PoP sites.

Imtech engineers carried out the equipment installation and Imtech's professional services team and programme management approach ensured that the rollout was seamless and delivered on time and to budget, say company representatives.

"Imtech has an established, proven track record in successful network deployments, and I have been impressed with the company's technical ability and capabilities in implementing Juniper equipment," contends Dai Davies, general manager of DANTE. "The company has played an integral role in ensuring that DANTE was able to meet a crucial milestone for the G�ANT2 project."

"Imtech's successful implementation of a key element of the G�ANT2 backbone network is testament to our technical expertise and ability to manage projects on a European scale," adds James Morgan, managing director of Imtech Telecom.

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