Inphi's TIA/AGC devices exceed IEEE 10GBase-LRM

Sept. 19, 2007
SEPTEMBER 19, 2007 -- Inphi is calling the 1348TA S03D "one of the first viable solutions for 10G SFP+ long-reach multimode applications."

SEPTEMBER 19, 2007 -- Inphi Corp. (Westlake Village, CA; search for Inphi) has unveiled what the company claims is the industry's first 10-Gbit/sec integrated transimpedance amplifier/automatic gain control (TIA/AGC) to meet or exceed every requirement of the IEEE 802.3aq, 10GBase-LRM standard. Inphi is calling the 1348TA S03D "one of the first viable solutions for 10G SFP+ long-reach multimode applications."

"Inphi's 1348TA is the type of breakthrough product that should speed the migration to 10-Gigabit Ethernet [10GbE] long-reach multimode transmissions, enabling a new class of performance for enterprise networks and applications," says Jon Anderson, PhD, vice president research and development for Opnext Inc.'s Pluggable Business Unit. "As communications and computing platforms continue moving to higher speeds, Inphi is delivering the performance design engineers need."

Part of Inphi's PhyOptik product family, the 1348TA S03D, which debuted during ECOC 2007 (Booth #12029), has the highest gain in its class, 6 K OMEGA differential, resulting in high output voltage amplitude that meets the SFP+ requirements over the entire operating range from -11 dBm to +3 dBm (optical modulation amplitude) without the need for an additional buffer amplifier, exceeding IEEE 10GBASE-LRM standards. The company says the unique design provides engineers with a plug-and-play option at a lower cost than alternative devices.

The integrated TIA/ACG passed stringent testing to ensure complete interoperability with all leading electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) chips on the market. Enterprise-based data transmission previously deployed over multimode fiber (MMF) at Ethernet data rates up to 1 Gbit/sec is rapidly transitioning to 10GbE using the same installed fiber base. The 10G LRM standard simplifies extended-reach 10GbE data transmission over legacy MMF by employing new EDC technology. The demand to convert slower, legacy data links to 10G LRM links is expected to reach over 1 million ports by 2010.

Based upon the 1348TA-S01D TIA/AGC, which is used in X2 and XFP applications, the 1348TA-S03D extends the power supply operating range of the 1348TA to +/-10% and output electrostatic discharge protection to more than 1 KV (Human Body Model), two critical requirements for SFP+ applications. The TIA/AGC's Thru Wafer Via ensures reliable grounding, eliminating the need for ground bonds.

The Inphi 1348TA is available in engineering samples with volume shipments expected to begin in the first quarter of 2008.

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Stressed receiver sensitivity of -11.1 dBm (OMA) under split symmetric conditions per IEEE 10GBASE-LRM with 3.5 dB extinction ratio. (Graphic: Business Wire)