FOA-certified trainers oversee Texas FTTD project

MAY 25, 2007 -- The 12-story federal courthouse in Houston will be the first of nine courthouse buildings in seven Texas cities to enjoy the benefits of fiber to the desktop.

MAY 25, 2007 -- The first stage of one of the largest 10-gigabit-capable fiber to the desktop (FTTD) projects in the United States is nearing completion. The 12-story Federal Courthouse in Houston, with over 950 users, will be the first in a series of nine federal courthouse buildings in seven Texas cities to enjoy the benefits of FTTD.

In addition to the Houston courthouse, similar systems will be installed at the federal courthouses in Laredo, McAllen, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Brownsville, and Victoria. Upon completion, there will be over 2,000 users in seven cities, and there is the possibility of more being added in the future.

The latest generation OM3 optical fiber used in this FTTD network provides virtually unlimited bandwidth, higher security, higher reliability, easy future upgrade options, and none of the limitations commonly associated with Cat 6 copper installations. Bob Ballard and Rob Stanton, FOA-certified technicians and instructors at BDI DataLynk, designed the FTTD project in late 2005. Ballard, owner of BDI DataLynk, is overseeing the installation and certifying installation and testing procedures at all locations. Day-to-day work is being managed by US Courts employees trained by BDI DataLynk. With the exception of a local GSA contractor installing the horizontal distribution segments, all riser cable installation, all splicing, all terminations, and all testing is being accomplished by US Courts personnel also trained by BDI DataLynk.

BDI DataLynk is an Austin-based company providing fiber-optics training programs and networking. All training programs are approved by the Fiber Optics Association (FOA) and accredited by BICSI.

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