Dec. 1, 2007
High-density LC adaptersY-connect’s family of singlemode and multimode high-density LC adapter products is available with a patent-pending, modularized multiport dust shutter. This product provides easy-to-use dust protection as well as eye protection for Class III A and lower lasers. The duplex and quad LC adapters are designed with secure panel mount latching and are compatible with TIA FOCIS 10B duplex and quad panel cut-outs, allowing users to double connection densities using existing simplex and duplex SC adapter panel cut-outs. The adapters and dust shutters are available in MM, SM, and APC. The products meet UL 94 V-0 flammability requirements and are fully RoHS compliant.Y-connect,

The DS3104 is the industry’s first timing IC to provide full carrier-class clock synchronization for new Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) line cards and mixed SONET/SDH/SyncE line cards. Applications also include subsystems in a variety of wireline and wireless systems, including ADMs, digital crossconnects, carrier-class switches and routers, wireless base stations, DSLAMs, and multiservice access nodes. The DS3104 continually monitors up to eight input clocks. Built-in reference-selection logic automatically chooses the highest priority, valid input clock for each of the two DPLLs.
Maxim Integrated Products,

Uniprise keyed fiber LC connectors and adapters include special molded features on the plug and color-coded keys in the adapter to reduce the chance of unauthorized connections. For a connection to be possible, the plug adapter colors must match the connector color. If the colors do not match, the keying features will prevent the connectors from mounting into the adapters, preventing the signal from passing between the connectors. The keyed LC plugs also will not match with standard LC adapters, only the equivalent color couplers. The product’s design, half the size of standard connections, easily disengages in compact spaces. The connectors and adaptors follow standard Uniprise installation procedures, and all exceed industry standards.
Commscope Inc.,

The G8931-04 indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver offers higher sensitivity than conventional InGaAs PIN photodiodes. Combining high speed (typically 4 GHz) and with high sensitivity, the receiver is suited for long-distance optical communications. At wavelengths of 1,310 and 1,550 nm, the diode has typical photosensitivity of >0.8 A/W and can operate with an avalanche gain of ≥10, thus giving an output of at least 8 A/W. It can be supplied with a fiber-optic pigtail or standard fiber connector types to meet customer requirements (e.g., SC/SPC, FC/SPC, etc.). The receiver is also suitable for applications such as range finding, OTDR, test equipment, and low-light-level analytical infrared measurements.Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd.,
DSP inline polarimeterDSP technology allows the POD-101D polarimeter to achieve high speed and high accuracy, as well as reducing cost (competitive products may cost approximately 30% to 100% more than the POD-101D). No taps or couplers are required for inline operation of the instrument. The input signal is analyzed in real time while system operation continues. The system features low insertion loss that generates minimal burden on power budgets. PC interfaces (USB 2.0) and included PolaView software allow oscilloscope-type views or Poincaré sphere views as well as data capture. Applications include polarization-mode dispersion monitoring and compensation, state/degree of polarization monitoring, polarization analysis and stabilization, and optical signal-to-noise ratio monitoring/measurement.General Photonics Corp.,
The M2 Fiber Lab 3200 is a field simulation test instrument that houses four spools of fiber and lets users easily connect them in series with short patch cords via industry standard connectors. Holding up to 100 km of fiber, it can be used to test network data accuracy (bit-error rate) and the effects of latency within high-speed digital networks by exactly simulating field conditions over hundreds of kilometers. Available with spools of fiber that provide up to 5 dB (1,550 nm) of real fiber attenuation or up to 25 km in each of four individual attenuation areas, the system can be filled with standard SMF-28e fiber or other single- or multimode fiber types, total lengths to 100 km, and attenuations specified at 1,310 or 1,550 nm.M2 Optics Inc.,

Outside plant optical distribution cabinet
The Telect 96-home optical distribution cabinet, a compact enclosure that houses patch and splitter capabilities, is engineered for FTTH delivery in smaller neighborhoods (up to 96 homes). The cabinet’s compact footprint minimizes the impact on residential developments. Its lightweight, versatile, and stackable design makes it easy to install and expand capacity in various configurations. The base cabinet features integrated splitter modules that can be installed as customers request services. The high-density design enables the use of passive splitters with ratios as low as 1×4 while still maintaining 96-home output density. This helps ensure that end users continue to receive maximum bandwidth in the home as future applications increase bandwidth demand.
Telect Inc.,

Used with Westover’s probe microscope, the HD3 is a compact, portable, and efficient display for viewing and inspecting fiber connector endfaces. For technicians in the field or on the go, it features a precision 1.8-inch TFT-LCD screen incorporated into a durable, drop-tested enclosure and is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery. The HD3 is available as a standalone display or as a part of select inspection kits.Westover Scientific,

Microprocessor-controlled curing oven
The LXH 7000 is a PID microprocessor-controlled heating oven of all stainless-steel construction, with a maximum capacity of 48 connectors in multiple block configurations accommodating SC, LC, FC, and ST connectors. Custom machining for any block configuration is also available. The LXH 7000 offers a fast soak time and a cycle complete indicator. Curing heat is held to within ±1°C.
LineX Fiber Optics LLC,

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