Premier Products

Jan. 1, 2002

Video and PZT system
The pure digital Fiberlink 3800 series system for video and PZT (pan/zoom/tilt) control provides all digital processing and transmission of one-way analog video and two-way data over one or two fibers. The system's video channel is compatible with all common closed-circuit TV cameras and monitors utilizing NTSC, PAL, or SECAM standards. Data protocol can be different or the same on the transmitting and receiving ends. The series is available in singlemode and multimode versions.
Communications Specialties Inc.,
Hauppauge, NY

Flat-top passband DWDMThese DWDMs are available with flat-top passband in addition to the Gaussian passband previously added. Available in 50-, 100-, and 200-GHz singlemode models, these enhanced multiplexers provide network designers flexibility to select the passband that best matches the application, the network architecture, and the specifications of other components in the network. APA Optics Inc.,Blaine, MN
COMPONENTSOC-768 modulator driverThe S76803 is an OC-768 silicon germanium modulator driver that operates at speeds of up to 48 Gbits/sec and is suited for use in short-reach and long-reach SONET-based fiber-optic data-link applications within the MAN and WAN marketplace. Designed for use in electro-absorption modulators and differential lithium niobate modulators, the product offers a 3.5-V and 7-V output swing. The S76803 features a 50-ohm input amplifier with a DC cancel circuit allowing for direct coupling to the input signal.Applied Micro Circuits Corp.,San Diego

Pump lasers
This series of multimode semiconductor pump lasers delivers up to 2.5 W of power and is available at 915 nm for pumping Raman fiber lasers and at 975 nm for co-doped EDFA pumping. The series of lasers is offered in a wide variety of standard and custom configurations to simplify their integration. Standard packages include chips on submount and lensed chips on submount as well as hermetically sealed fiber-coupled, industry-standard, 14-pin butterfly packages. Thermoelectrically cooled and uncooled versions are available.
Mountain View, CA

INSTALLATIONFiber-splicing technologyThe S176 series of core-aligning fusion splicers has a splicing time of 11 sec, including loss estimation. The product has three different body types, designed to meet customers' ergonomic needs. The 35 pre-installed splice programs and 29 customizable programs can handle all major fiber types with an average loss of 0.02 dB for singlemode fiber. They include a fiber-chucking system, which allows a minimum 5-mm cleave length, enabling the use of micro protection sleeves for space saving.Furukawa Electric Europe Ltd.,LondonIntegrated cabinet packagesThese integrated outside plant cabinet packages for the telecommunications industry include environmentally controlled equipment and battery cabinets, power pedestals, protector panels and modules, xDSL POTS splitter shelves, fiber-optic management and patch panels, and copper and fiber cable assemblies. Typical applications for these integrated cabinet packages include DSL remote terminals, wireless shelters, fiber-to-the-home/fiber-to-the-curb cabinets, and battery/power cabinets. The products are designed to meet GR-487 and NEMA 3R requirements.Corning Cable Systems,Hickory, NC
DESIGN AND MANUFACTURINGOptical metrology moduleThe Wyko optical metrology module (OMM) is designed for in-situ metrology in high-volume production environments for OEM applications. The OMM provides accurate process control metrology where it is needed most-on the production floor-featuring high-speed, non-contact topography measurements for feature heights from 0.1 nm up to 2 mm and for fields of view up to 8 mm2 on advanced surfaces. Utilizing the interferometry techniques that power Wyko optical profilers, the OMM is a standalone module designed to integrate into the user's production equipment and environment.Veeco Metrology Group,Santa Barbara, CA

Automation software
ActiveX automation software is designed for the company's line of automatic fiber-alignment systems and workstations. The ActiveX architecture allows users to develop custom alignment algorithms using LabVIEW, C++, Visual Basic, or other Windows-based development languages. According to the company, the independence of the developing environment makes it simple to integrate nanopositioning equipment with other software-controlled systems such as adhesive dispensers, light sources, various drivers and controllers, and other ancillary equipment. The automation server contains a full set of high-level control commands for developing sophisticated positioning applications.
Melles Griot,
Rochester, NY

TEST EQUIPMENT40-Gbit/sec error detectorThe MP1776A four-channel error detector is designed for evaluating modules and devices for 40-Gbit/sec applications. The detector incorporates four 12.5-Gbit/sec error detection units, which can be used independently or together. It can measure the error rate of devices operating at 40 Gbits/sec and above when combined with a 12.5-Gbit/sec pulse pattern generator, multiplexer, and demultiplexer. Alternatively, the unit can be used to measure the error rate on four devices operating at up to 12.5 Gbits/sec each. It can also evaluate 4:1 multiplex/1:4 demultiplex communications using PRBS. The detector provides a burst measurement function that enables optical circulating loop tests.Anritsu Ltd., Luton,Bedfordshire, UK

Multiwavelength meters
Upgrades to the FTB-5320 and IQ-5320 multiwavelength meters have increased their dynamic range to 55 dB (from -45 to +10 dBm) to enable detection of low-power peaks on long-haul DWDM networks. The manufacturer also improved the wavelength accuracy and signal-to-noise ratio. The field-ready and manufacturing plant multiwavelength meters, which are housed inside separate modular test platforms, can be combined with other test modules, such as an optical spectrum analyzer, to fully characterize an optical network and its related components.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc.,
Quebec City