Radio-over-fibre solution and FSO show interoperability

17 March 2003 -- Interoperability has been demonstrated between ADC's Digivance radio-over-fibre solution and LightPointe's Flight free-space optics.

17 March 2003 -- Interoperability has been demonstrated between Minneapolis-based ADC's Digivance radio-over-fibre solution and San Diego-based LightPointe's Flight free-space optics, expanding the target applications for ADC's Digivance system.

Digivance digitises radio frequency for transport over fibre and enables wireless carriers to add capacity and extend coverage in their networks.

The Digivance system provides network coverage with significant cost savings through base-station hotelling. By centralising base-station equipment and using Digivance, wireless carriers can easily deploy antennas into desired coverage areas, unconstrained by limitations of traditional base-station deployments and complicated zoning regulations. Digivance is the only solution that digitises the wideband RF for transport over fibre.

The integration of LightPointe FSO opens up additional opportunity to enhance network coverage by deploying remote antennas in routes and locations where terrestrial fibre is not available.
ADC and LightPointe are working with a major US wireless carrier for initial deployment of the combined Digivance and LightPointe FSO application.

"ADC has demonstrated the value provided by Digivance to create effective base-station hoteling and distributed antenna coverage strategies over fibre transport," said Jeff Quiram, president for ADC's Wireless Business Unit. "Adding LightPointe free-space optics as a possible transport path where fibre is not available gives the wireless carrier another optimisation strategy."

"Utilising free-space optics to enable wireless carrier back-haul in the Digivance application underscores the core values of FSO - that of being an accelerator and enabler of networks requiring optical bandwidth," said Steve Hane, LightPointe's vice president, business development.

"LightPointe strives to help partners like ADC focus on deploying their network architectures rapidly and cost-effectively," he adds. "In playing that supporting role, we see the flexibility and agility in our core technology as being critical in creating application-specific opportunity. One size doesn't fit all, and carriers must have the technology and ability to tightly address specific application needs."

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