Systran introduces new Serial FPDP data link

March 5, 2001
Mar. 5, 2001--Systran Corporation, developer of the FibreXtreme Serial FPDP data link, introduced the new FibreXtreme SL100 series.

Systran Corporation, developer of the FibreXtreme Serial FPDP data link, introduced the new FibreXtreme SL100 series. SL100 is a second-generation Serial FPDP product, combining the high-bandwidth and low-latency of the original FibreXtreme with a built-in bi-directional capability and support for various point-to-point, broadcast, and master ring topologies.

FibreXtreme SL100 is based on the Serial FPDP protocol, an emerging high-speed communication standard pioneered by Systran Corporation. The SL100 provides a full 105 MB/sec sustained throughput in each direction over fiber optic media. In addition to point-to-point, the SL100 also supports broadcast chain and single/multiple master ring topologies.

FibreXtreme was designed for use in advanced DSP systems and other environments requiring high-bandwidth low latency data transfers. The protocol's low overhead utilizes over 99% of the physical link's maximum bandwidth, providing sustainable and continuous 105 MB/sec operation. When used as a parallel FPDP extender, FibreXtreme SL100 boards can handle data bursts of up to 160 MB/sec and can extend FPDP connections to distances of up to 10 km.

The FibreXtreme SL100 is available in a variety of form factors, including Common Mezzanine Card (CMC) for custom design requirements, PCI, PMC, and a VME6U configuration with a standard parallel FPDP front-end. All FibreXtreme boards are available with short-wave laser and long-wave laser media interfaces.

Systran's FibreXtreme SL100 Series is also compatible with Systran's LinkXchange LX1500 Crossbar Switch. The LX1500 is a 32-port crossbar switch which interfaces to various digital networks through the use of network-specific modular media interfaces. It is completely transparent to the attached network and has a negligible effect upon system latency. When used with the FibreXtreme data link, a single LinkXchange LX1500 can connect up to 32 devices using a combination of SWL or LWL media port cards.

About Systran:

Located in Dayton, Ohio, Systran Corporation specializes in Serial FPDP, shared memory networking, Fibre Channel networking, MIL-STD-1553 interfaces, low-latency digital switches and Mezzanine-based I/O products. Systran offers computer data communications products to support corporate and military clients.