EZchip introduces a 10G/OC-192 traffic manager

Oct. 24, 2001
Oct. 24, 2001--EZchip Technologies, a fabless semiconductor company providing 10/40-Gigabit 7-Layer network processors, announced its QX-1 Traffic Manager.

EZchip Technologies (a subsidiary of LanOptics Ltd., NASDAQ:LNOP), a fabless semiconductor company providing 10/40-Gigabit 7-Layer network processors, announced its QX-1 Traffic Manager. EZchip's QX-1 traffic manager works with EZchip's 10-Gigabit 7-layer network processor, the NP-1, to build networks with the stringent requirements for advanced services provisioning. The QX-1 traffic manager extends the number and depth of queues and the Quality of Service (QoS) features of the NP-1, and achieves optimal interoperability and performance as a result of its unique design for the NP-1.

EZchip's QX-1 traffic manager implements advanced traffic management capabilities at 10G/OC-192 wire-speed. It can be used in the ingress path for queuing traffic from the NP-1 to the switch fabric or in the egress path for queuing traffic from the NP-1 to the network links. Per ingress or egress, the QX-1 provides very high bandwidth to data memory, 51 Gbps, and 48 MByte to 768 MByte scalable buffer space.

An NP-1/QX-1 system provisions QoS in accordance with the industry standard DiffServ model, implementing all PHB (Per Hop Behavioral) DiffServ services including Expedited Forwarding, Assured Forwarding and Class Selector. Furthermore, enhanced QoS features such as traffic policing, per-flow queuing, flexible mapping of queues, congestion management, hierarchical scheduler implementing WRR (Weighted Round Robin), CRR (Credit-based Round Robin) and WFQ (Weighted Fair Queuing), as well as per-flow statistics are all provided. NP-1/QX-1 systems feature a wide variety of interfaces including CSIX or SPI-4.2 to the fabric and 1G/10G Ethernet or channelized OC-192 (down to OC-12 channels) to the links. The highly integrated NP-1 and QX-1 chips and the use of standard DRAM components minimizes overall system chip-count, cost and power dissipation.

EZchip has developed a new breed of network processors, based on its patent-pending TOPcore architecture. Unlike first generation network processors that integrate generic RISC processors, EZchip's breakthrough TOPcore architecture consists of 10-fold faster TOPs (Task Optimized Processors), each tailored to perform a specific networking task at the highest possible speed. These fast and efficient processors are then replicated and integrated into a single chip in a super-scalar architecture, designed and optimized for packet processing. EZchip's NP-1 flagship network processor is a single-chip full-duplex 10-Gigabit 7-Layer network processor providing fully programmable packet classification, modification, forwarding and policing at wire speed. NP-1 enables building networking equipment for the Internet core, metro edge and enterprise backbone with unprecedented performance, flexibility and port density. NP-1's TOPcore technology provides scalability to 40-Gigabit/OC-768, offering NP-1 customers a smooth migration path from 10 to 40-Gigabit platforms.

About EZchip:

EZchip Technologies (a subsidiary of LanOptics Ltd., Nasdaq: LNOP) is a fabless semiconductor company providing 10/40 Gigabit network processors. For more information, visit www.ezchip.com.

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