Corning Cable, Chatsworth Products develop customized data center products

JANUARY 14, 2008 -- Corning Cable Systems and Chatsworth Products have announced a collaboration aimed at simplifying the data center design and installation process.

JANUARY 14, 2008 -- Corning Cable Systems LLC (search for Corning Cable), part of Corning Incorporated's telecommunications segment, and Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI; search for Chatsworth Products) have announced a collaboration aimed at simplifying the data center design and installation process. A new product set incorporates Corning's new Zero-U System into CPI's TeraFrame family of cabinets for cable management and ease of connectivity in high-density storage area networks (SANs; search for storage area networks).

In traditional installations, the jumper cables needed to make port connections are routed along the side of the cabinet, which can block airflow and make it difficult to administer moves, adds, and changes (MACs). The companies say they have developed an efficient solution to maximize rack space.

The Zero-U System, a value-add complement to Corning Cable's Plug & Play universal system, includes an MTP connector bracket mounted into the cabinet's vertical manager to facilitate patching instead of consuming valuable rack space as is traditional, providing more room for data center electronics. Customized optical harnesses are designed for easy compatibility and integration with Cisco MDS 9513 and Brocade 48000 SAN directors. Optimized routing and management of cable and patch cords simplify and reduce the initial speed of deployment as well as future MACs, and they promote airflow efficiency within the cabinet, the companies claim.

Corning Cable's Zero-U ensures integration between the data center cabinet, cabling infrastructure, and electronic equipment for simple, quick installation of the complete data center infrastructure.

CPI's Fiber Manager system is designed to support Corning's Zero-U system and provides for zero-U connectivity in CPI's N-Series TeraFrame network cabinet high-density SAN environments. Components of the fiber management system can also be used in the F-Series TeraFrame cabinet to provide zero-U connectivity in cabinets containing servers or other equipment with low port count requirements.

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