China fiber link

Aug. 1, 1996

China fiber link

An 8000-km-long fiber-optic cable will link China with five Southeast Asian countries, according to China`s Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications (MPT). The China-Southeast Asia cable system is expected to go into operation in early 1998.

The China-Southeast Asian cable system is slated for the southern part of China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. MPT sources say the project`s total investment is expected to hit $400 million, with each country taking responsibility for construction costs of the section within its borders. China plans to invest $140 million in building the China section.

In another China-related development, ADC Telecommunications Inc., Minneapolis, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Directorate General of Telecommunications, Post & Telecommunications, China (China Telecom). The agreement calls for ADC to participate in China Telecom`s first hybrid fiber/coaxial-cable (HFC) network trial. The goal is to help increase the availability of voice, data and video services throughout China.

During the next five years, China plans to install 75 million to 100 million new lines for telephony service. A significant portion of this service is expected to be delivered over HFC networks.