ADC raceway and distribution frame are accepted for USDA rural development program

MAY 18, 2009 -- ADC supports rural carriers' pursuit of broadband stimulus funding with an expanded RUS-listed product portfolio.

MAY 18, 2009 -- ADC (search Lightwave for ADC), a supplier of infrastructure technologies for fiber deployments, has announced its FiberGuide optical raceway system and OMX600 optical distribution frame (ODF) have been accepted by the USDA Rural Development Telecommunications program, allowing ADC's products to be used in the expansion of broadband services to underserved and rural communities.

ADC now offers hundreds of Rural Utilities Service (RUS) listed products to carriers serving rural areas in the United States and seeking funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. Acceptance by the USDA Rural Development Telecommunications Program of ADC solutions enables service providers seeking funding from the RUS to propose the use of these products in applications they submit for the agency's loans and grants.

"The USDA Rural Development program is helping rural carriers take advantage of federal stimulus funds to greatly expand broadband services to rural subscribers," says Jaxon Lang, vice president of global connectivity solutions, Americas for ADC. "The acceptance of additional ADC products helps our FTTX customers offer new broadband services cost-effectively in the rural communities they serve. Ever since our support of some of the country's first FTTX network deployments, we have helped our customers by participating in the RUS programs and are committed to doing so in the future."

The FiberGuide optical raceway system is designed to protect and route fiber-optic patch cord and multifiber cable assemblies to and from fiber splice enclosures, fiber distribution frames, and fiber-optic terminal devices. It ensures that a 2-in. minimum bend radius is maintained throughout the system.

The OMX600 optical distribution frame provides mounting locations for terminations, splice, and storage modules. It features a modular design and cable management capabilities that protect cables and connectors and reduce reconfiguration time.

Other ADC products on the RUS list include nearly all the company's fiber portfolio, including next-generation frames (NGFs), OmniReach fiber access terminals (FATs) and fiber distribution hubs (FDHs), and OmniReach multiport service terminals (MSTs) and fiber-hardened drop cables.

In addition to its product lineup, ADC is offering carriers and municipalities educational information to support its current customers and prospects as they seek stimulus funding.

For more information on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, as well as a complete listing of ADC's USDA Rural Development-accepted products, visit ADC's Broadband Stimulus Resource Center at

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