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The G8941 series of PIN photodiodes has a miniature ceramic package for laser–diode monitoring. The InGaAs diodes have a spectral response range of 0.9 to 1.7 μm¸ with photosensitivity of 0.9 A/W at 1310 nm and 0.95 A/W at 1550 nm¸ with detectivity of 5 × 1012 cmHz1/2W. Model –01¸ –02¸ and –03 have active areas of φ1¸ φ0.5¸ and φ0.3 mm¸ respectively; typical dark current of 1¸ 0.5¸ and 0.3 nA; and typical terminal capacitance of 90¸ 12¸ and 5 pF. The devices measure 2 × 2 × 1 mm and have a chip position tolerance of ±0.075 mm.
Hamamatsu Corp.¸ Bridgewater¸ NJ
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A new 96–channel laser diode burn–in system integrates an optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) into the test system to measure spectral characteristics of the device. The system also measures optical power and monitors photodiode current¸ individual base–plate temperature control¸ TEC voltage¸ and TEC current. With OSA resolution of 0.06 to 10 nm and a temperature range of 20°C to 85°C¸ the system provides an accuracy of 0.1°C¸ stability of 0.25°C¸ and up to 5–A drive current per device under test.
Racal Instruments¸ Irvine¸ CA
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The new CWDM WavePilot offers a building height of 3 HE for minimal space requirements. Up to eight channels may be obtained¸ using a modular building concept¸ one channel at a time. The multiplexer has a 20–nm channel distance¸ and up to 2.5–Gbit/s transmission rate. Connections are via front slots with external cabling.
Last Mile¸ Dietzenbach¸ Germany
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A dynamic channel equalizer¸ based on diffractive MEMS¸ can equalize or block more than 100 individual channels across the C–band on a 50–GHz grid. It has a channel–equalization range of 0 to 10 dB and channel–blocking attenuation of 40 dB. It can equalize channels within 100 μs. The electronically controlled¸ software–configured device has a DPRAM/RS–232 digital control interface. It is designed for optical add/drop multiplexers¸ wavelength–drop modules¸ and switching applications.
Lightconnect¸ Newark¸ CA
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A series of excimer lasers are designed for writing fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs). The L1FBG is designed for high–throughput writing¸ focusing on beam–pointing stability and high–stabilized output power. The FIBEX has a spatial conherence radius of >1 mm¸ with software to switch between high–coherence and high–power modes. The COMPex FBG has high–stabilized output in a small footprint for research and pilot production. The OPTex FBG has a high repetition rate and is designed for low–power applications.
Lambda Physik¸ Göttingen¸ Germany
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The OL5150M is an electroabsorption modulator with a monolithically integrated 1550–nm DFB laser diode¸ with dynamic extinction ratio of >10 dB and modulation voltage of <2.5 V. It can transmit over 40 km with dispersion of 800 ps/nm/km. It has fiber output power >3 dBm (cw) and a built–in TE cooler.
Oki Semiconductor¸ Sunnyvale¸ CA
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The 4020MX and 4320 MX multiplexer¸ and 4021DX and 4312DX demultiplexer circuits are designed for incorporation into OC–768 and SDH STM–256 communications equipment. The InP–based circuits achieve data rates up to 43 Gbit/s with power dissipation of 2.5 W mux and 3 W demux. They can be directly coupled to 4:16 CMOS components.
Inphi Corp.¸ Westlake Village¸ CA
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The ThinFilmStar excimer laser is a UV light source for pulsed laser deposition of thin films. The laser has decreased plasma shielding and a small aperture area with a beam divergence of <1 × 2 mrad (FWHM)¸ maximum repetition rate of 100 Hz¸ and pulse duration of <10 ns (FWHM).
TuiLaser¸ Munich¸ Germany
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The LAB 60 Series of development stations has three new additions¸ all incorporating the FAST 6 alignment engine. The LAB 60 PLC is an inspection¸ test¸ and characterization tool for planar light circuit (PLC) devices such as arrayed waveguides¸ splitters¸ and couplers. The LAB 60 LD is an inspection¸ test¸ and characterization tool for single–ended active devices such as laser diodes. The LAB 60 FA is a tool designed to accurately characterize the optical characteristics of fiber arrays against baseline array geometry.
Axsys¸ Rocky Hill¸ CT
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