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The 2200 series variable optical attenuator is designed for power control in optical add/drop multiplexers, transmitter power control, gain tilt control in optical amplifiers, and power control in receivers. It provides latching operation and potentiometer feedback to monitor attenuation settings. It is designed for flat wavelength characteristics across the DWDM ITU wavelength region. Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Two 10-Gbit/s laser drivers have 3-V peak-to-peak output voltage for use with modulator integrated lasers and differential input modulators. Peak output current, output duty ratio, and output offset are adjustable, and the devices have internal 50-Ω terminations at the high-speed differential input and output connections. The FMM3109PG is in a 24-pin hermetic package, and the FMM3109ZH is in a 6 x 6-mm, 32-pin, plastic-mold package with heat spreader. Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, San Jose, CA

Mux/demux modules operating at 50 GHz are based on the company's No-Shift coating and packaging technologies. Four-channel modules are housed in a 60 x 90 x 9-mm package, and eight-channel modules are in an 80 x 115 x 9-mm package. Both are available for the C- or the L-band. They have bandwidth of 0.13 nm at 0.5 dB over temperature, wavelength, and polarization. They work in either 2.5- or 10-Gbit/s systems. Lightwaves2020, Milpitas, CA

A line of miniature Fabry-Perot etalons is designed to provide laser wavelength and intensity stabilization, interleaving, and dispersion compensation. The Telcordia-compliant etalons are available with a free spectral range of 50 or 100 GHz centered anywhere in the C- or L-bands. They are available in both compact solid designs and air-space designs that are thermally insensitive. Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

Very-short-range (VSR) parallel optical transmitter and receiver pairs operate at OC-768, for high-speed optical connections in communications and data networking equipment. They have a throughput of 40 Gbit/s in a 13 x 13-mm BGA package that is pick-and-place compatible. They are surface-mount devices, can be configured with multiple heat-sink options, and are also available on tape and reel. Corona Optical Systems, Lombard, IL

The MA32 is a 32-channel monolithic integrated circuit housed in a 240-pin quad flat pack. It has a maximum quiescent current of 100 µA per channel, operation to 300 V, and a maximum output voltage of 290 V per channel. It uses the output of a digital-to-analog converter to drive each independent channel. It measures <1.5 in.2Apex Microtechnology, Tucson, AZ

The SOP Locker transforms an arbitrary input state of polarization (SOP) into a fixed output SOP. The device is designed for laboratory use to replace manually adjusted polarization controllers. It uses the company's SOP sensor, which measures Poincaré coordinates and provides continuous restoration of polarization state. Cambridge Research and Instrumentation, Woburn, MA

The SDLO-3400 14XX pump module for Raman applications is based on an InP semiconductor laser chip in a 14-pin butterfly package. It provides output from 180 to 300 mW with grating-stabilized wavelengths selectable from 1420 to 1495 nm. It has an integrated TE cooler and draws a maximum of 14 W. JDS Uniphase, San Jose, CA

The Mach-10 Intensity Modulator with an integrated variable optical attenuator (VOA) allows users to perform dynamic channel equalization along a network. The device is made of lithium niobate and operates at 10 Gbit/s, and the integration of the VOA into the hermetically sealed package shrinks the device's footprint. Codeon Corp., Columbia, MD

The Alpha near-infrared camera is sensitive to wavebands from 900 to 1700 nm for applications such as laser-beam profiling, fiber alignment, and optical-component analysis. It uses a 320 x 256 InGaAs focal-plane array. It comes with software for displaying 12-bit digital image data, sensor head calibration, and data analysis. Indigo Systems, Santa Barbara, CA

A single package includes a CW laser, III-V Mach-Zehnder modulator, etalon locker, and variable optical attenuator for reaches to 120 km without dispersion compensation. It has a mean output power of 0 dBm, extinction ratio of 13 dB at 10 Gbit/s, dispersion penalty of 1 dB at 1500 ps/nm, SMSR of 40 dB, and wavelength accuracy of ±20 pm. Nortel Networks, Nepean, Ont., Canada

The R404 optical receiver (PIN plus TWA) operates at 40 Gbit/s for SONET and SDH, with a bandwidth from 100 kHz to more than 32 GHz. It is capable of 500-mV p-p output with up to 10-dBm optical input power. The dc-coupled version serves 40- and 53-Gbit/s applications using nonreturn-to-zero modulation. Discovery Semiconductors, Princeton Jct., NJ

An isolator-WDM 1480-1550/1585 nm and a WDM-isolator 1480-1550/1585 nm hybrid are designed for optical amplifiers. The devices can handle up to 5 W of continuous pump power with low insertion loss and a wide operating temperature. They meet Bellcore 1221 specifications. Global Opticom, Sunnyvale, CA

The GT10-1310TRS is a 10-Gbit/s electro-optical data transponder available in 1550-nm single frequency and DWDM versions. It is MSA compatible and has a 622-Mbit/s LVDS electrical interface, laser output-power clamping capability, onboard clock and data recovery, and 16:1 multiplexing and demultiplexing. Versions with differing connectors and other configurations are available. GTRAN, Westlake Village, CA

FiberStor is a web-based quality assurance system for fiber networks. It allows users to import OTDR tests from Bellcore files into an ODBC-compliant database and identifies them by route and span, fiber identification, date of test, technician, and test parameters. Trace data can be searched, and the user can adjust three parameters to find events in a trace. Bit2Pixel, Corning, NY

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