Pulsed laser for data transmission

GigaTera of Dietikon, Switzerland has partnered with Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden to demonstrate data transmission by GigaTera's Ergo pulse-generating laser.

"We are one of the first groups to characterise GigaTera's new laser source for optical communications," said Assistant Professor of Photonics Dr Per Olof Hedekvist. "The Ergo pulse-generating laser's performance and small form factor make it an interesting candidate for the next generation of fibre-optic transmission systems".

CTO Dr Kurt Weingarten added, "Working with Chalmers Photonics Laboratories enabled us to test the laser in a realistic network environment. The results are a strong validation of our all-optical pulsed laser approach to transmission. GigaTera is commercialising its technology which will significantly reduce the cost of high-data rate-transmission".

GigaTera develops all-optical 10 and 40GHz pulse sources, which reduce the complexity of high-performance RZ transmission by eliminating the need for expensive pulse modulators and their drive electronics. GigaTera's pulse sources are also compatible with the requirements of test and measurement systems.

Chalmers Fibre group has developed systems and subsystems for 10, 40 and 80Gbit/s transmission, and is evaluating 160Gbit/s and higher.


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