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Aug. 1, 2001
SUBSYSTEMSVPN/firewall applianceRapidStream 1000 was developed for corporate Intranet and branch office security. The product combines a 200-Mbit/sec firewall with 50 Mbits/sec of virtual private networking and offers a dedicated high-availability port. This port is designed for failover protection if the primary unit fails. This backup unit will automatically activate via the industry-standards virtual routing redundancy protocol, negating the inherent delays in dispatching a technician to install and configure a replacement unit. Other features include firewall inspection, hacker defense, IPSec VPN, and digital certificates. Also, because RapidStream 1000 is powered by the company's programmable security ASIC, RapidCore, latency is measured in microseconds instead of milliseconds. RapidStream Inc., San Francisco
Optical transceiverThis smaller-form-factor version of the XTM-1 high-density optical transceiver is made for distances greater than 1 km and has a total bandwidth of 225 Gbits/sec. The product's small-form factor is achieved by the use of parallel optical transmitters and receivers; custom IC design, which includes the on-chip laser drivers and receiver amplifiers; and the use of a new ferrule for MT form-factor connectors. The 72-fiber connector incorporates a dense 6x12 array of multimode fibers. The XTM-1 contains 36 transmit and 36 receive channels operating asynchronously up to 3.125 Gbits/sec per channel. For this version, XTM-1's height has been reduced to 0.5 inches, allowing it to be integrated into dense chassis configurations.Xanoptix Inc., Merrimack, NH

Passive filter system
The all-passive Filter-Leaver for long-haul, regional, and metro DWDM system applications allows for modular expansion of the optical network to more than 160 channels. The Filter-Leaver is used to divide the C-band or L-band into 10 sub-bands without interrupting a single channel. Each sub-band can contain eight 50-GHz channels, four 100-GHz channels, two 200-GHz channels, or any combination, in a complementary modular format. Features include high isolation, high wavelength accuracy and stability, low insertion loss, high directivity, an epoxy-free optical path, and low polarization-dependent loss.

Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

WDM couplersThese singlemode broadband and narrowband fused fiber couplers are compact monolithic bidirectional multiport devices for splitting or combining light. These couplers have low excess loss and low polarization sensitivity. Coupling ratios from 1-50% are available. Also available are fused-fiber wavelength division multiplexers that combine or separate light at 980-nm, 1,310-nm, 1,480-nm, and 1,550-nm wavelengths with low insertion loss and high isolation, suitable for EDFA applications. All couplers are designed and manufactured according to Bellcore standards. BaySpec Inc., Fremont, CA

PIN photodiodes
The S8334 and S8335 Si/GaAs PIN photodiodes are designed for high-quality data transmission over the 0.65/0.8-µm band. Designed for use in Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet optical networks, the products feature a dynamic range of -25 dBm to 3 dBm and a data transmission rate of 500 Mbits/sec. Both receivers have 1,000 psec rise time and 3 V/mW photo sensitivity. The products operate over a temperature range of -20 to +70°C. Both receivers have an integrated transimpedance amplifier and are available in a variety of packages.

Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ

CMOS deviceThe MSX340 is part of the MSX family of SRAM-based, in-system programmable, digital crosspoint switches. The MSX340 allows OEMs to develop scalable system designs that can be modified to meet customer needs for increased I/O density. The feature set of the product targets key specifications for such telecom applications as digital crossconnects and other access products. The foundation of the switch is the company's silicon-efficient non-blocking crossbar architecture that uses the switch matrix to connect I/O buffers in one-to-one or one-to-many connections. The MSX340 features a non-blocking switch matrix, providing 340 individually configurable I/O ports and double-buffered configuration RAM cells for simultaneous global updates.I-Cube Inc., Campbell, CA

Optical transceivers
This multiprotocol optical transceiver is for digital video switching applications typically found in multimedia production facilities, post-production facilities, and broadcasting stations. The transceivers are integrated duplex optical data links for bidirectional communications over multimode or singlemode fiber. Their ability to support a wide range of protocols and data rates makes them suitable for the next generation of video switches, routers, or other equipment which must process or transport a variety of multimedia signals. They are able to operate over a wide range of data rates, including 1.5 Gbits/sec, 800 Mbits/sec, 270 Mbits/sec, 143 Mbits/sec, 50 Mbits/sec, 5 Mbits/sec, and 3 Mbits/sec, among other intermediate data rates and protocols.

Stratos Lightwave LLC, Chicago


Low-refractive-index adhesive
ABLELUX OGRFI 146T adhesive is a low-refractive-index material for optoelectronics and fiber-optic applications. The product is a light-cure adhesive that offers a 1.46 refractive index, and features good performance in 85°C/85% relative humidity and pressure cooker testing, maintaining adhesion, and physical properties.

Ablestik, Rancho Dominguez, CA

Fiber distribution frameDesigned for the integration and build-out of central office locations and voice/data distribution systems, the company's preterminated distribution frame provides a means of transporting and installing a factory-loaded network bay. The frame comes packaged in a crate that aids the installation and also comes preloaded with up to 768 fibers terminated into eight 96-port panels. The pre-term frame can be customized to meet any specification.Computer System Products Inc., Plymouth, MN
Fiber-optic patch panelIntellaPatch panels are intelligent electronic fiber-optic patch panels. Model ACI-2048 and ACI-2049 offer up to 32 ports with fixed or small-form-factor pluggable optical transceivers in 1-Gbaud formats. These systems offer flexibility in management of Gigabit Ethernet connections for test and compatibility labs and high-value cable management. The product eliminates the excessive handling, patching, and repatching of the fiber cable. The crossconnection of cable can be accomplished remotely through software and tests, including cable pulls.APCON Inc., Portland, OR

Consolidation point box
This 48-port consolidation point box is designed for use with SMED NEXUS and other under-floor systems with a minimum depth of 1.65 inches. The box may also be used as a consolidation point for wall-mounted applications. An optional fiber conversion kit is available with accessories for fiber applications. The product permits snap-in installation of up to 48 MINI-COM modules, with 24-port capacity on either side of the box. The box is constructed of 16-gauge steel for long-term durability and includes removable panels, permitting cable access from either end.

Panduit Corp., Tinley Park, IL

TEST EQUIPMENTAnalysis solutionThis fully integrated OC-192c packet-over-SONET, OC-192c BERT, and 10GBase-W WAN analysis solution is contained within a single-interface load module that provides an alternative to requiring separate OC-192c packet over SONET, OC-192c BERT, and 10GBase-W WAN load modules. The load module is designed to enhance the time-to-market and interoperability of 10-Gigabit Ethernet equipment, manufacturers, Internet and network service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and enterprise users.Ixia, Calabasas, CA
Optical spectrum analyzerThe MS9710C optical spectrum analyzer now makes accurate L-band measurements, in addition to C-band analysis. The product features wide dynamic range and high resolution and can conduct high-end analysis of DWDM components and systems with channel spacing to 50 GHz. The product has a wavelength accuracy of >0.02 nm at both the C- and L-bands. High accuracy has been achieved through the integration of a reference wavelength source into the OSA. The analyzer also integrates double-pass diffraction technology to achieve dynamic range of 70 dB at 1 nm. This range is required to attain an accurate DWDM optical OSNR measurement. At 50-GHz channel spacing, the OSNR is >47 dB.Anritsu Co., Richardson, TX

Fiber-optic source module
The FOS-79800E fiber-optic source module is designed for use with the FOM-7900B multichannel fiber-optic test system. The updated model adds picometer resolution, service channels, and expanded S-, C-, and L-band wavelengths of 1,475 to 1,625 nm. It retains the power and wavelength stability of the FOS-79800D.

ILX Lightwave Corp., Bozeman, MT


3-D board
This 3-D model of the PM/3G-E1/T1 board highlights the company's latest processor PMC modules featuring eight high-density E1 or T1/J1 ports on a variety of PMC and PPMC carrier cards. Using Cycore Cult3D technology, viewers can rotate, move, and zoom in on the detailed model of the company's PM/3G-E1/T1 board to examine the individual components incorporated into the board. Viewers can also mouse click on specific chips or processors to receive detailed information on the board's features.

Artesyn Technologies, Madison, WI

Dielectric deposition system
The Delta fxP is a high-productivity dielectric deposition cluster tool for use in the manufacture of III-V and passive waveguide devices. The product offers six process modules, two vacuum cassettes, integrated optical wafer alignment, and cool-down. Two single-wafer process module options are available: the DWG module for waveguide dielectrics, and the DCS for III-V dielectric applications. Both chambers are built around a common design developed for advanced silicon applications and offer improved process control, small footprint, fewer mechanical parts, and easy maintenance access. High deposition rates with in-situ stress control are available with advanced plasma clean technology to increase uptime and productivity.

Trikon Technologies, Newport, UK

Vacuum soldering equipment
This fully automated production volume fluxless vacuum soldering equipment is designed for the electronics packaging industry. The units are available from 10 milli-torr to 10-9 torr. The machines are available in three models with three to 18 tools per chamber, each fully automated, computer controlled, and Internet capable. This equipment helps meet production requirements of the laser-diode, fiber-optics, and optical telecommunications industries. It is capable of producing flux-free and void-free end products.

SierraTherm Vacuum Products Group, Watsonville, CA


Cable-management catalog
This comprehensive catalog includes products such as the company's cable tray, EasyPack, and the FAS System. It also contains a company profile followed by application photos demonstrating actual product applications. The photos include applications involving voice and data systems in under-floor systems, communication closets, and high volume data centers. The photos also display the use of the company managing heavy power cable in industrial environments.

Cablofil Inc., Mascoutah, IL

Telecommunications systems bulletinThis Telecommunications Systems Bulletin by the TIA is titled "Polarization Maintaining Fiber in Telecommunications Systems Bulletin," TSB120. A TSB is not a standard, but rather contains technical material that may be of interest to industry and users. The document provides a brief introduction to polarization-maintaining fibers, connectors, and components.Telecommunications Industry Association, Arlington, VA

CD-ROM catalog
This CD-ROM catalog describes a broad line of copper and fiber-optic cables for a full range of applications. The Draka USA product data CD-ROM catalog features products from the companies and their subsidiaries, including copper and fiber-optic cables for LAN/WAN, telephony, computer, datacom, and special applications. Product descriptions, specifications, and drawings are provided. The product lets users select cable types and applications by clicking on drop-down boxes. Product listings are offered in PDF file formats for integration into drawings and proposals.

Helix/HiTemp Cables Inc. and Chromatic Technologies Inc., Franklin, MA

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