Premier Products

Jan. 1, 2001
WDM couplersThe singlemode broadband and narrowed fused-fiber couplers are compact, monolithic, bidirectional, multiport devices for splitting or combining light. These couplers have low excess loss and low polarization sensitivity. Coupling ratios from 1-5% are available. Also available are fused-fiber WDM couplers, which combine or separate light at 980-nm, 1,310-nm, 1,480-nm, and 1,550-nm wavelengths with low insertion loss and high isolation.BaySpec Inc., Fremont, CA
Optical channel monitorThis optical channel monitor (OCM) is a multichannel DWDM integrated optical component designed for use in systems with up to 40 channels. This OCM is an AWG-based product with optical detection. It uses a series of integrated photodetectors that sample each channel simultaneously, which allows measurement of power to be made in real time, enabling channels in long-haul point-to-point or metro ring to be balanced by banks of electronic variable optical attenuators.Bookham Technologies, UKSystems & Subsystems

High-density switch
The BlackDiamond 6816 performs wire-speed IP routing across a nonblocking 256-Gbit/sec backplane. Featuring 128 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the BlackDiamond 6816 provides an alternative for telecommunications carriers, metropolitan networks, and large enterprise customers choosing broadband switching to support Web connections and electronic transactions. The 6816 is located at the core of the Internet data center, providing nonstop performance with support for bandwidth management, including Web caching redirection and server load balancing.
Extreme Networks Inc., Santa Clara, CA

Terabit routing system
This new class of terabit router meets Internet traffic demand and reclaims nearly all of the 50% of Internet bandwidth that currently goes to waste, according to the company. The SwiftCOR optically based terabit router also features virtual backbone routing capability, which allows backbone operators to sell virtual points of presence and other new classes of Internet services to ISPs that want to extend their geographic reach without the expense of infrastructure hardware. This router scales to 1.3 Tbits and scales to as many as 256 broadband SONET/SDH I/O ports running at 2.5 Gbits/sec.
IronBridge Networks Inc., Lexington, MA

Add/drop multiplexer
An enhancement to the company's TITAN 6100 optical-networking system provides carriers an alternative to managing up to four wavelengths in a metro environment. The TITAN 6100S node is a remotely configurable and compact satellite node that can be deployed to deliver wavelengths to customers and add capacity in areas where available fiber is exhausted. The TITAN 6100S node, which is a single shelf element to the TITAN 6100 system, can be deployed as an optical-line amplifier and seamlessly grown to an optical add/drop multiplexer.
Tellabs, Lisle, IL

Full-frequency agile transpondersThese two full-frequency agile status-monitoring transponders are designed to provide a preemptive first line of defense against network outages. These transponders are set to the specific transmit and receive frequencies needed for the operators' systems and can be moved between devices or systems utilizing a different set of frequencies. The transponders allow the operational parameters of the node and amplifier to be monitored and provide remote control of certain node functions. These transponders are designed to receive any frequency between 47 and 174 MHz in downstream direction and transmit between 5 and 65 MHz in the upstream path.Scientific-Atlanta Inc., Atlanta

Polarization-control device
The PolaRITE II Dynamic Polarization Controller is a fiber-squeezer-based controller that has virtually no insertion loss, no backreflection, and no polarization-dependent loss. With a response time of less than 35 microsec, PolaRITE is capable of tracking fast polarization variations. The activation-induced loss in the device has been reduced to less than 0.002 dB, which makes PolaRITE useful in high-precision PDL instruments and in feedback loops for compensating for polarization-induced penalties. The device also features wavelength independence, functioning equally well for signals ranging from 1,280 nm to 1,650 nm.
General Photonics, Chino, CA

Switching platformThe five-slot Matrix E5 offers high-capacity, 48-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet modules for good port density and switching throughput as well as a broad range of uplink options for technology migration, including Gigabit Ethernet and wide-area-network capabilities. The E5 also supports a wide array of industry standards for features and management, including RMON, SNMP, Telnet, and HTTP and RS-232 management.Enterasys Networks, Rochester, NH
Plastic-optical-fiber modemThe Model 3340 POF Modem provides serial data communication over short distances of plastic optical cable through hostile environments as well as RS-232-based data transmission over POF cable at 256 kbits/sec. Designed for use in the industrial and commercial markets, the Model 3340 takes advantage of the benefits of plastic optical fiber cable, which are ease of use, high tensile strength, wide temperature operation, high chemical resistance, and increased data reliability due to the large 1-mm core size of the fiber. The nature of the POF cable allows operation in hostile environments subject to rough handling and corrosive chemicals. Since POF cable is nonconductive, it can be safely used in explosive atmospheres.Aftabyte Networks., Pompano Beach, FL

Widely tunable laser
The Agility 3040 is a high-power, widely tunable laser developed for DWDM networks. These 4-mW lasers tune to more than 100 ITU channels in fiber-optic networks in less than 1 msec. With these lasers, communications companies can manage optical networks, providing bandwidth on demand to Internet users while reducing network complexity and cost. The 3040 features include self-contained laser temperature and wavelength control to provide tuning for 20 years. It also supports all key optical standards, including IP over glass, SONET, SDH, and ATM. With industry-standard amplifiers, it can be used to support long-haul and ultra-long-haul market requirements.
Agility Communications, Santa Barbara, CA

EML transmitter
Based on the EML technology of the company's 2.5-Gbit/sec EML module, the MTX-TEML incorporates an electronically tunable laser diode. The laser has three sections: gain, phase, and Bragg. Electronic, quasicontinuous tuning is achieved by injecting current into the phase and Bragg sections, and up to 16 channels of tuning is possible with a switching time of less than 10 microns. In DWDM systems, the MTX-TEML can backup 16 EMLs. Built into the module are the microcontroller, temperature controller, current sources, modulator driver, wavelength reference interface, and monitoring functions. The MTX-TEML measures 5.1x4.3 cm.
Multiplex Inc., S. Plainfield, NJ

Optical switch
This prototype component is a two-channel dynamic spectral equalizer (DSE) that allows the real-time adjustment of power distribution within a DWDM system. This device is polarization-insensitive, eliminates the need for a multiplexer/demultiplexer layer within the network, and exhibits switching speeds of 50 microsec. The device also employs a free-space architecture and demonstrates two independently controllable 15-nm-wide bands, each with 15 dB dynamic attenuation. Polarization losses are measured at less than 0.5 dB.
DigiLens Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

PON module
The 3M Pulse Compressor dispersion-compensation module is a passive optical component that can be used to correct for chromatic dispersion in gigabit and terabit communications systems and maintain optimal broadband performance. The performance of the Pulse Compressor provides system designers with a solution to the problem of chromatic dispersion in high bandwidth and long-distance networks, according to the company. Features include a bandwidth of up to 5 nm and a dispersion of up to 800 psec/nm to compensate six adjacent channels on the 100-GHz ITU grid, propagating through 40 km of singlemode fiber.
3M Telecom Systems Div., Austin, TX

OC-48 transceiver
The S3055 is a 16-bit differential LVPECL OC-48 transceiver with clock and data recovery. Manufactured in 0.18-micron CMOS technology, the S3055 exceeds Telcordia and ITU-T specifications with jitter generation of 5 mUI rms, providing good design margin for SONET applications. Utilizing dual 1.8/3.3-V supplies, the device offers an industry-standard LVPECL interface and low power. It provides diagnostic loopback and line-timing modes, which are capable of remaining simultaneously active. The S3055 also incorporates an internal FIFO to decouple transmit clocks and an on-chip, high-frequency phase-locked loop for clock generation.
AMCC, San Diego

Fiber-optic preamplifierThis 10-Gbit/sec transimpedance amplifier in standard complementary metal-oxide semiconductor process technology will enable manufacturers to build compact 10-Gbit/sec fiber-optic modules for OC-192 SONET and 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications. Features of the CN10KRT include 60-mW power dissipation, a 1.8-V power supply, a broadband analog bandwidth of d.c. to 9 GHz, and a single-ended transimpedance gain of 500 ohms.Cognet Microsystems, Los Angeles

One-piece connector
This preassembled one-piece connector is designed to reduce termination time while increasing yield. It features a precision-molded plastic housing to meet the need for quick, accurate, and permanent field terminations in various environments. The MU free-floating ferrule is independent of the backbone, so that a pull on the cable will not cause the ferrule to break contact with a second ferrule in a connection. Both the singlemode and multimode connectors use a ceramic ferrule that is tunable.
Senko Advanced Components Inc., Southboro, MA

InstallationSoftware packagePatchView for the Enterprise is a real-time cabling and network infrastructure software package that helps IT and network managers document, map, and manage their physical network. Using PatchView SMART Patch Panels and proactive LAN equipment topology, PatchView for the Enterprise performs monitoring, database updates, and notification of connectivity changes the moment they occur.RiT Technologies Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel

Distribution system
The OPTICOM HD fiber distribution system maximizes space, reduces overall installed cost, and simplifies system updates, according to the company. The system includes equipment racks, integral cable management with bend-radius control, high-density enclosures, and connector modules. Features include up to 1,728 simplex SC connections in a single seven-foot rack, a minimal footprint, easy-access D-rings for faster moves, adds and changes, 1.5-in bend-radius control, integral fiber protection, and slack management. OPTICOM HD fiber enclosures accommodate up to 192 fibers in three EIA rack units. The enclosures accept FJ, FC, SC, E2000, and LC connector styles, and they are also compatible with EIA and WECO racks.
Panduit Corp., Tinley Park, IL

Test Equipment

Test instrument
The PS3 Series Polarization-dependent Loss Multimeter is a multifunction instrument for testing fiber-optic components. The product combines polarization-dependent loss, insertion loss, return loss, and power measurements within a single instrument. This instrument provides measurements for passive component qualification, instrument specifications, and research and development. Internal source lasers are available in 1,310, 1,480, 1,550, 1,625, and 1,650 nm, or an external source can be used.
JDS Uniphase Corp., San Jose

Test capabilitiesL-band test capabilities and dynamic range enhancements have been added to the FD440 chromatic-dispersion measurement system. This system is now capable of chromatic-dispersion measurements in the 1,310-nm, 1,550-nm, and 1,625-nm windows. In addition, the FD440 can now measure chromatic dispersion and spectral attenuation on links up to 200 km in length with the newly released 40-dB extended range system.GN Nettest, Br ndby, Denmark

Visual fault finder
The 263MT visual fault finder is a tool for identifying breaks and bending losses in fiber-optic cables terminated with MT-RJ small-form-factor duplex connectors. A 0 dBm 635-nm red laser launched into both fibers makes breaks, bending losses, and other defects visible for up to 1 km. The 263MT features continuous wave output and a 1-sec pulsed output mode that increases viewing contrast in difficult lighting conditions. The steady output during continuous wave operation may also be used for measuring insertion loss in the visible 630-nm wavelength region.
RIFOCS Corp., Camarillo, CA

Design & Manufacture

Fixture option
The flip fixture, the latest option for the company's SPECTOR optical coating system, expands the SPECTOR's capabilities by using an automated in-situ flip that coats both sides of the substrate without venting the chamber. Applications for the flip fixture include laser facet diode bars, HR and AR coatings, and optical isolators. The fixture has uniformity of less than 1% over 290 cm2 and deposition rates of 2-3 angstroms/sec. It also provides high packing density and low absorption films. The flip fixture is available as a generic paddle plate model or with the option of a customized paddle plate.
Veeco-Ion Tech Inc., Fort Collins, CO

Cleaning solutionsThis line of cleaning solutions is designed to meet the needs of fiber-optic technologies. The comprehensive fiber-optic range allows users to select a specific product that matches the exact cleaning task. The system consists of a Coventry 2.5-mm fiber-optic swab, Coventry Econowipes dry wipes, Ultrajet CO2 duster, Ultrajet all-way duster, Electro-Wash CZ cleaner degreaser, Electro-Wash PX cleaner degreaser, Chempad presaturated wipes, and Optic Prep presaturated wipes.ITW Chemtronics, Kennesaw, GA

Laser-diode bonder
The semiautomatic Model 8860 Omni laser-diode bonder is designed to handle the assembly challenges associated with the optical facets of VCSELs, edge-emitting laser diodes, and laser bars/arrays. The joystick-controlled system is designed to allow the operator to easily perform process setup and cycle operation. The bonder aligns and attaches die at a throughput rate of 140 placements per hour with placement accuracy of ±5 microns. The platform features an extend-retract cube beam splitter viewing system with illuminators, a direct viewing stereo zoom microscope with illuminator on a pivoting mount, and precision servo motor-driven Z motion with closed-loop temperature control. Bond loads of 5 g up to 10 kg are offered.
Semiconductor Equipment Corp., Moorpark, CA


Products catalog
"Communications Products 2001" is a 970-page catalog containing more than 12,000 products, including 1,200 new items, which are highlighted throughout the 11 product categories. The categories include sections on fiber solutions, networking and industrial products, test equipment, and voice products. Each section contains a table of contents that identifies products by vendor and contains updates on new developments in LANs and WANs. Copies are available on the company's Website:
Anixter Inc., Methuen, MA

Applications brochure
This new brochure deals with applications of the ANT-20 advanced network tester in SONET networks up to the OC-192 hierarchy level. The brochure offers some solutions to typical test problems using the ANT-20 and also covers network optimization work.
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann, Eningen, Germany

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