New Products

Aug. 1, 1999

Serial ID transceivers
These transceivers are designed with Serial ID functionality, allowing the network to automatically determine the type of transceiver being installed and if it is compatible with the network configuration in place. The FC1063SW-1 is a short-wavelength optical transceiver for Fibre Channel 100-M5-SN-I applications, the GBE1250SW-I is a short-wavelength optical transceiver for Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX applications, and the GBE1250LH-I is a long-haul optical transceiver for Fibre Channel 100-SM-LC-L and Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-LX applications. The short-wavelength transceivers integrate vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, which emit light at 850 nm. The long-wavelength trans ceivers integrate Fabry-Perot lasers that emit light at 1310 nm.
Cielo Communications Inc.
Bloomfield, CO

Green LED
This gallium nitride 530-nm LED produces a green light that is designed to take advantage of the low-attenuation window of PMMA plastic fiber (typically 0.1 dB per meter lower than attenuation at 660 nm red). Applications include long-distance communications over plastic fiber and optical-wavelength multiplexing. The LED mates with standard 1000-micron-core jacketed plastic fiber. It features connector-less fiber termination and connection. The cost per unit ranges from $5 to $9.
Industrial Fiber Optics
Tempe, AZ

Inline power monitors
Series 400 WDM power monitor attenuators and Series 300 WDM Power Monitors provide spectrally flat response from 1520 to 1620 nm, according to the manufacturer, allowing precise measurement and control of optical power in live fiber-optic systems over the entire erbium amplifier band. The monitors feature <0.4-dB (0.2-dB typical) sensitivity variation from 1520 to 1620 nm, manual control of attenuation over 40 dB (Series 400), power readout from -50 to +28 dBm, typical battery life of 3 years, and minimum insertion loss of <0.3 dB (Series 300) and 1.3 dB (Series 400). Devices are available pigtailed with customer-specified connectors. Options include analog voltage output for data logging.
EigenLight Corp.
Somersworth, NH

Polarization controller
The Polarization Scrambler converts any input polarization state into a depolarized state by fast polarization modulation. It has insertion loss of <1.5 dB, backreflection of <-60 dB and, according to the manufacturer, high scrambling speed and low degree of polarization of the output. The device is designed to solve typical polarization problems such as PDL, PDG, and pump polarization dependence in EDFAs. It is suitable for optical telecommunications, fiber-optic sensors, and other measurement systems.
Taejon, South Korea

Pump laser moduleThe SDL-RL30-1455 is a 1455-nm 1.5W pump laser module designed to address the use of optically amplified systems that use distributed Raman amplification for DWDM systems. The module is being rolled out initially for undersea systems. Raman amplification occurs in the 1550-nm wavelength band when the transmission fiber is pumped with very high optical power at approximately 1455 nm.SDL Inc.
San Jose, CA
Ethernet switchesThe Ethernet switch models FTX-G11 (with ST), FTX-G61-SM (with ST, singlemode), and FTG-G61-SM (with SC, singlemode) are now available.Singlemode as well as multimode versions are available. Model part numbers are based on 10/100TX to 100/100TX, or 10/100 to 100FX platforms.Fiberdyne Labs Inc.
Frankfort, NY

Polarization controllers
These polarization controllers can be used with Corning SMF-28 fiber. One controller accepts 900-micron buffered fiber and the other is used with 3-mm cabled fiber. Their principle of operation is based on LeFevre loops. Large-radii loops were designed for Corning SMF-28 and are suitable for other fiber types as well. It features top-down loading, allowing it to be inserted into a system without splicing. Its multidirectional placement on optical tables enables it to be easily secured, according to the manufacturer.
Fiber Control Industries
Holmdel, NJ

Array connectorsNew versions of the lightray MPX fiber-optic array connector are targeted at applications requiring an average insertion loss of 0.15 dB. The connectors are available in singlemode versions with up to eight positions and are backward-compatible with standard MPX connectors.AMP Inc.
Harrisburg, PA
OC-48c test moduleThis OC-48c test module provides continuous full-rate analysis and multisource traffic generation for broadband networks. Typical users for the module include network-switching equipment designers, large carriers, and ATM network providers. The module can be used for both development and operation testing, including continuous online monitoring of large ATM and IP networks. It includes an ATM OC-48c interface and can automatically identify up to 2040 substreams per port based on identifiers such as VPI/VCI. It also analyzes every substream simultaneously with quality-of-service measurements and individual policing.Adtech Inc.
Honolulu, HI
Current pulse generatorThe Model 507 offers digitally controlled current pulses with currents from 0 to 10 amps and pulsewidths from 0.1 to 100 msec. Current control and time-domain resolution allow for characterization of electronic systems. Applications include laser triggering and driving. Sync outputs are suitable for video capture and other related test parameters. The unit is available in two, four, and eight channels. Pricing starts at $3295.Berkeley Nucleonics Corp.
San Rafael, CA
Modular laser-diode controllerThe LDC-3900 modular laser-diode controller family has been upgraded to include the TCM-39034 temperature control. The temperature control module allows measurement of the voltage output to the thermoelectric cooler. This feature provides a means to calculate total energy consumption of a laser-diode package with an internal thermoelectric module.ILX Lightwave Corp.
Bozeman, MT

Fault locator
The FiberHawk fault locator is designed to locate a break or fault in an optical-fiber cable in less than 60 seconds. With a press of a button, the instrument automatically locates and reports the distance to the fault and references the fault to a known splice location in the fiber. It weighs less than 7 pounds and is battery-operated. Small and light enough to fit into any fiber cabinet, it can be used in the field as well. The device has a fault-locate distance of up to 110 km. A floppy drive is also available to allow full trace data to be stored and recalled on the company's emulation software. It is available with 1310-, 1550-, or 1310-/1550-nm singlemode optics.
GN Nettest
Utica, NY

Modular interconnect housingThe Traffic Control Distribution Center is a modular interconnect housing that serves as an interface between the outside-plant optical-fiber cables and the optoelectronics inside a traffic control cabinet or hub. The system accommodates preconnectorized optical-fiber cables, field installation of connectors, or field-spliced pigtails. The housing is designed to be wall- or shelf-mounted inside a larger water-resistant traffic control cabinet or at a hub site. It is constructed of metal and features a powder- coat finish.Siecor
Hickory, NC

Portable buffer and stripper
The FiberStrip 7030 portable fiber-optic buffer and coating stripper weighs 1.5 lbs and is suitable for field use and high-production use in a factory environment. The device features a die blade and centering system, adjustable temperature heating and dwell-time system, and rate-controlled stripping system designed for uniform strip quality. Special grippers are available for use with jacketed cables and an adapter is available to accept the more-popular fusion splicer fiber holders on the market.
Schleuniger Inc.
Manchester, NH

Fiber-management supplies
Europlus fiber-management reels, clips, and trays are now available from this distributor. Molded plastic 25- and 30-mm-radius reels and 900-micron, 2- and 3-mm clips are suitable for organizing bare fiber, cables, couplers, and splice holders on circuit boards and in organizer trays.
Chestnut Hill, MA

Multimode fiber application note
An application note called HiCap: A new class of enhanced multimode fibre quality informs the user of HiCap multimode fiber about the product's link performance in laser-based Gigabit Ethernet applications.
Plasma Optical Fibre BV
Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Communications-product catalog
This 100-page communications-product catalog offers systems for managing, terminating, routing, and identifying network cabling. It features new products such as the giga-channel Next Generation cabling system. It also details faceplates, surface-mount boxes, patch panels, fiber connectors, cable management, raceway, labeling products, cable ties, and wire accessories.
Panduit Corp.
Tinley Park, IL

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