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Compiled by Sue BoyleTh Acf240

This 16-channel arrayed waveguide grating and variable optical attenuator in chip and packaged forms offer major benefits compared with the use of discrete optical components and are expected to establish a new level of compactness. The planar-circuit ICs simplify optical-network system design for transmission equipment manufacturers, providing high-functionality solutions to satisfy the demand for higher bandwidth and simpler network architectures. Offering solid-state alternatives to assemblies of delicate optical elements such as thin filters, the ICs lower the costs of high-channel-count DWDM systems for long-haul applications.
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The CSA8000 communications signal is a high-performance instrument for designers and manufacturers of high-speed optical transmitters. The instrument provides the acquisition fidelity required for testing 10-Gbit/sec transmitter designs and combines the highest levels of integration and flexibility for optical-communications testing. The csa8000 includes a user-configurable modular architecture and a variety of optical plug-in modules that support conformance testing to multiple standards.
Tektronix Inc.
Beaverton, OR
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The opticom high-density fiber-distribution rack-mount enclosures accept OptiJack fiber-optic connector modules, ST simplex adapt ers, or SC simplex and duplex adapters. The enclosures are de signed for high-density applications and allow for management of up to 144 fiber-optic terminations or splices and feature a preinstalled labeling system to simplify identification. Quick-release cover latches and hinges permit moves, adds, and changes. Each enclosure features universal brackets for mounting to standard EIA 19-inch and 23-inch racks or cabinets.
Panduit Corp.
Oak Brook, IL

Designed for Ethernet protocols, this line of 10-Mbit, 100-Mbit, gigabit, and quad-port 100-Mbit network interface cards (NICs) for the Volition Fiber Optic Network Solution operates at either half- or full-duplex, maximizing fiber-link distances. The NIC features the VF-45 interconnect, a standards-compliant, SFF interface currently used in the Volition system and by other networking equipment manufacturers. The Volition 10-Mbit NIC is a single port 10-Mbit/sec Ethernet PCI adapter and includes 32-bit bus mastering to reduce CPU utilization. The Volition 100-Mbit NIC is designed with three LEDs to display link integrity, speed, and transmit/receive activity. In full-duplex, the card runs at speeds up to 200 Mbits/sec and is based on Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.3u standards. Both the 10-Mbit and 100-Mbit Volition NICs are compatible with most operating platforms, including Mac OS versions 8.5, HP-UX 10.2, IRIX 6.5, Linux (Red Hat 5.2 and 6.0), Solaris 2.5, NetWare 4.x and 5.x, Windows NT, Windows 95/98, and Windows 2000.
Austin, TX
Th Acf247

The AC 234 high-performance fiber-optic transceiver system is used in wireless-transmission applications and transmits RF signals over fiber-optic cable The link is designed for applications where there is a limited availability of fiber or the user wants to reduce the fiber-leasing costs. The AC 234 is able to transmit two broadband channels simultaneously in both directions over a single fiber cable. Additionally, it accepts two independent RF signals via two 50-ohm SMA connectors from the base station and converts the RF signals into an optical signal. The downlink or forward-path optical signals are then transmitted over 9/125-mm singlemode fiber. An FC/APC is the standard singlemode optical connector. The receiver operates on a 12V DC power supply and offers remote monitoring and alarm features.
Anacom Systems Corp.
New Brunswick, NJ

The LDM-4604/DIL module has four laser-diode sockets and up to four DIL modules can be mounted in the chassis and mixed with butterfly-packaged laser-diode modules. This modular approach allows flexibility to mix package types or change package types for future needs. The company sells butterfly and DIL modules and mount chassis separately so you can configure the mount to your own needs. Rackmount slide rollers allow easy access to the mounting tray, simplifying module replacement and laser configuration.
ILX Lightwave Corp.
Bozeman, MT

The FlexSwitch 600XC 1Fx+4U five-port Ethernet compact switch offers one Fast Ethernet fiber port and four 10/100 auto-sensing UTP ports and is ideal for connecting small remote workgroups to a backbone switch via fiber. The switch cost-effectively delivers full wire-speed performance to workgroups that require extended network distances and in creased bandwidth for mission-critical applications or high-speed networking. With the 100Base-Fx Fast Ethernet fiber port, the FlexSwitch connects distant workgroups of all sizes to a backbone switch for distances up to 58 km. The fiber port is available with SC or ST connectors for multimode or singlemode fiber. The switch also features a UTP crossover switch that facilitates a straight-through cable connection and eliminates the need for crossed cable when connecting to another switch or hub.
Omnitron Systems Technology Inc.
Irvine, CA
Th 0002lwe009

These wavelength-division multiplexers are packaged as 250-or 900-micron or with 3-mm jackets. Modules are available for leading-brand termination boxes. Rackmount and wall-mount modules are also available.
Fiberdyne Labs Inc.
Frankfort, NY

This new series of media converters extends network distance up to 80 km in MANs and campus networks. They provide a cost-effective way to link remote sites or MANs, enabling network managers to reach remote sites at full network speeds without using slower and more costly routes, cable modems, or leased T1 lines. These long-haul converters provide additional choices at 40-, 60-, and 80-km distances. Two additional products convert multimode to singlemode fiber.
Transition Networks

The TC2400 is a two-channel multidrop fiber-optic modem designed for self-healing ring fiber-optic communication networks requiring high data rates. This system is ideal for higher speed applications such as digitized video. It also supports lower speed applications include linking remote terminal units to a host controller or CPU in SCADA, traffic control, industrial process control, and security networks. Its self-healing ring capability is sophisticated and automatically reroutes any type of equipment or cable failure, upstream or downstream, to ensure uninterrupted operation. The first channel supports data rates to 1 Mbit/sec, the second channel to 256 Kbits/sec. RS-232 data rates are limited to 120 K.
TC Communications Inc.
Irvine, CA

The raduim line of fiber-power systems are engineered to provide outside plant powering for fiber-fed communications networks. Scalability and flexibility are the cornerstones that allow deployment in a wide variety of applications. This power system is fully scalable from 200 to 3000W and housed in sealed GR-487 class, 125 mil aerial or ground-mount enclosures. The radium power systems provide regulated, fully redundant -48Vdc power for all functions within a remote terminal and 130Vdc power for optical networking units. The systems provide eight hours of backup time via batteries. Optional generator integration provides longer runtime capability to the system. This power system incorporates redundant rectifiers at the input and N + 1 DC-DC converters at the output. The total useable rectifier load is 1650W.
Alpha Technologies
Bellingham, WA

This IMTX fiber isolator, tap coupler, and wavelength-division multiplexer measures 5.5x40 mm. It is designed for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers with 980- or 1480-nm pumps and features low insertion loss and a stable tap coupler for power monitoring. It has an epoxy-free path and is available with single- or dual-stage options for various high-isolation requirements. Polarization-dependent loss is guaranteed at a 0.04 dB.
E-TEK Dynamics
San Jose, CA
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The GBE1250ELX is a GBIC optical transceiver that transmits Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel data up to 100 km over singlemode fiber. The ELX is designed using the hot-swappable GBIC form factor, and companies with GBIC based systems can support this extended distance. Users slip the ELX into the already-existing GBIC slots and instantly have the ability to create point-to-point links that extend Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel networks into the MAN. The ELX extends the Fibre Channel SAN through the MAN, extends the Gigabit Ethernet LAN through the MAN, and enables Fibre Channels and Gigabit Ethernet as data backbones to the Internet.
Cielo Communications
Broomfield, CO

This all-fiber polarization scrambler scrambles (or conversely generates) all states of polarization for applications as testing the polarization sensitivity or measuring the polarization-dependent loss of a device, and reducing performance degradation in long-haul systems using EDFAs due to polarization dependent loss and polarization-dependent gain. According to the company, the all-fiber construction practically eliminates all insertion loss and backreflections. The scrambler comes with an integrated output and output-polarization controller. The device can modulate the polarization state of the signal in a fiber-optic system and make the degree of polarization zero on-time average.
General Photonics Corp.
Chino, CA

The Adventum fiber-optic loose-tube and plemun-rated cable series includes fiber counts from six to 72 with 62.5-micron standard multimode fiber, 50-micron multimode fiber and singlemode fiber. It is also available with the company's enhanced 62.5-micron and 50-micron GIGAlite fiber. According to the company, this cable is the first of its kind with a completely dry water-blocking system in both the cable core and the buffer tubes. The cable is engineered without any gel-type filling compounds in the cable core or buffer tube. Because the cable is smaller than tight-buffered cable of equal fiber counts, it is easy to install in confined conduit runs where space is at a premium.
New Holland, PA
Th Acf251

These ST Style and SC bulkhead attenuators are designed to provide 5-dB, 10-dB, 15-dB, and 20-dB attenuation in a fiber-optic system. The attenuators utilize a special film to filter and control the power of an optical transmission. Bulkhead attenuators are compatible with standard industry connectors are ideal for singlemode applications at 1300-nm wavelengths.
Fiber Instrument Sales Inc.
Oriskany, NY

This new family of pluggable LC optical transceivers have been designed to provide communications equipment OEMs increased flexibility in configuring and building their products. The first member of the pluggable LC optical transceivers is a dual-port GBIC. It combines two LC transceivers into a standard GIC format resulting in a doubling of port density, while maintaining compatibility with the same SCA-2 electrical connectors, panel cut-outs, and release levers used in standard GBICs. The second member of the family is a SFF has the same footprint as a standard 2x5 SFF optical transceiver.
Methode Electronics Inc.
Th 0002lwe008

The receiver IC GD 16544 features a full clock and data recovery, PLL function, and a 1:16 demultiplexer. The Transmitter IC GD 16555 features a clock generator, a PLL function, and a 16:1 multiplexer.
Th 0002lwe014

This 1.55-micron 2.5-Gbit/sec electroabsorption modulated DFB laser in a butterfly package is useful for long-haul optical-fiber communication. The mtx52ew is manufactured for the whole ITU grid and gives more than 3-dBm output power in the fiber. The module design allows the devices to operate at temperatures up to 75°C under stable conditions, and the optical train is hermetically sealed. All laser-welded epoxy-free packaging technology is employed.
Multiplex Inc.
South Plainfield, NJ

The dsxpert 2004 and 2005 broadband remote-test-access systems for DS-1/E1 and DS-3/E3 circuits provides full-time monitoring, access to multiple test devices, point-and-click line testing, and local or remote management with a variety of user interfaces. The test-access system provides a time- and money-saving solution for remotely monitoring and testing DS-1/E1 and DS-3/E3 signals. From a central management location, a technician can remotely connect the dsxpert test equipment to the DS-1 or DS-3 line and perform all monitoring and test functions.
ADC Telecommunications Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

The ANT-20 advanced network tester complies with the new ITU-T recommendation 0.172, making the tester a reference standard for jitter testing up to 2.5 Gbits/sec. The tester offers a compact approach to jitter and wander test applications. With its jitter option, it surpasses the requirements of the 0.172 and provides insightful, comparable, and accurate measurement results even when faced with jitter spikes caused by pointer operations. Other highlights include a wander generator for 10 microHz, ex tended amplitude and frequency range, higher TIE sampling frequency with multiple values selectable, and long-term wander analysis up to 99 days.
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
Research Triangle Park, NC
Th 0002lwe006

The GN-6025/A50 is a 1310- to 1550-nm loss test set, the GN-5025/A50 is the Cable-TV version of the GN-6025/A50, the GN-6025/M50 is an 850- to 1300-nm loss test set, and the GN-6025/A60 is a 1550- to 1625-nm loss test set. All four test sets have data-storage capability, come with a connector adapter, AC charger, soft transit case, and operating manual. AC power, rechargeable NiCd batteries, or replaceable alkaline batteries can power the units.
GN Nettest
Utica, NY
Th 0002lwe005

Enhancements to the HP OmniBER 719 communications performance analyzer enable users to tailor transmission testing to specific rates and extend the rates as required. Enhancements include lower-rate variants, which allow service providers to configure the multirate tester with maximum rates of 2.5 Gbits/sec, 622 Mbits/sec, or 155 Mbits/sec to match the specific network requirements. Ease-of-use enhancements are designed to simplify and speed up testing.
Palo Alto, CA

This line of hand-held fiber-optic test equipment includes power meters, light sources, talkset, loss test set, visual fault-finder, and clip-test accessory. Key users include installers and maintainers of fiber-optic networks, LANs, cable television, and telecom outside plant, and other fiber installations.
Aurora Instruments Inc.
Ambler, PA
Th 0002lwe004

This cable drop-out accessory can be used wherever wires enter or exit the company's EZ tray cable-management system, creating a smooth transition to workstations, equipment, or other pathways. EZ tray is an innovative, wire mesh cable-tray system constructed of precision-engineered, high-quality welded steel wire. It will bend to almost any configuration, enabling it to handle 90° turns, easily twist around obstructions and make multiple-level changes.
Cablofil Inc.
St. Louis
Th 0002lwe002

TRA-BOND F125 is a two-part epoxy system designed for optical applications that require a fast setting material. The transparent material is easily mixed and handled at room temperature and gels in about 10 minutes to provide quick structural support. This medium viscosity adhesive provides low shrinkage during cure and good electrical insulation and mechanical properties. It has been successfully used to bond glass, metal, and plastic optical components and is resistant to a variety of solvents and other chemicals.
Tra-Con Inc.
Bedford, MA

This Measurement Products catalog is available in print and on CD-ROM. The catalog features a broad offering of test equipment. The 600-page catalog in cludes a color product section that highlights new products and measurement solutions for Rambus systems, RF design, and mobile and core telecommunications networks. Extensive indexes list products by name and function as well as by categories such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, telecommunications, and television test. The CD-ROM offers quick and easy access to information, including data sheets, and provides more than 20 selection guides and tutorials.
Tektronix Inc.
Beaverton, OR

The LANscape 2 Solutions brochure offers new fiber-cabling solutions for premise networks featuring 2-fiber MT-RJ connectivity and laser-bandwidth performance for Gigabit Ethernet applications. The MT-RJ and MT-RJ UniCam field-installable connectors make all fiber networks more affordable, offer double density, and are fully compatible with the company's existing line of cables and termination hardware.
Hickory, NC

This 12-page brochure details all the multimedia home networking system components needed to plan an end-to-end cabling infrastructure that becomes part of the telecommunications system built right into the walls of an owners home or office. The brochure features Category 5, fiber-optic and coax-distribution cabinets, and a variety of multimedia wall outlets. Products are compliant with the TIA/EIA 570A draft of the residential cabling standard.
Pawcatuck, CT

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