OFC 2000 Product Showcase

March 1, 2000
These GBIC optical transceivers provide gigabit optical transmission over singlemode and multimode fiber for distances up to 10 km. It is ideal for high-speed data transmission, and they are designed for use in data-communications and telecommunications networks, broadband deployments, crossconnects, ATM switches, disk arrays, workstations, and mainframe backbones. The transceivers are available in long wavelengths (1,300 nm) and short wavelengths (850 nm) for Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet applications. The Fibre Channel GBIC transceiver features data rates of 1.063 Gbits/sec and the Gigabit Ethernet transceiver features data rates of 1.25 Gbits/sec.Molex Fiber OpticsDowners Grove, IL
The LX-4000 open-bay frame system optimizes fiber capacity while providing enhanced features for proper fiber management and cable protection. It is ideal for either crossconnect or interconnect applications and accommodates up to 44 units of 1.73-inch EIA standard rack space, providing capacity for over 600 terminations in a single bay. The rack system combines heavy-duty steel construction, a rugged, 7-foot base frame, modular fiber-management spools, front-to-rear access slots, and integrated cable-management troughs to promote network performance and reliability. End guards on both sides of a multiple-bay system protect and conceal the cable. For added flexibility, the base frame is available in two sizes (19 and 23 inches wide).FONS Corp.Northboro, MA

These double-speed Fibre Channel versions of its family of optical transceivers are designed for operation at 2.125 Gbauds/sec. The products enable high-speed data communication at double the rate of conventional 1.0625-Gbaud/sec transceivers. They are available in four different form-factor package styles: a 1x9 optical transceiver housed in a wave-solderable; 9.8-mm-high package compatible with mezzanine card systems; a hot-pluggable GBIC for SC fiber-optic connectors; a SFF transceiver for LC fiber-optic connectors; and a media-interface adapter extender.
Methode Electronics Inc.

The 86100A Infiniium DCA wide-band oscilloscope with digital-communications analysis for R&D and manufacturing engineers provides the high productivity in waveform test and characterization. The 86100A was specifically designed to make complex compliance measurements fast and simple.Agilent Technologies Inc.Santa Clara, CA

These 2.5-Gbit/sec mini-DIL receivers for SONET and SDH applications are high- speed InGaAs PIN photodiodes and silicon-based internal transimpedance amplifiers with differential output housed in uncooled 8-pin mini-DIL packages.
BOOKHAM Technology
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

A multifunction benchtop-type optical- tunable filter, the OTF-910 has full GPIB and RS-232 control and is ideally suited for automated test and measurement in production and laboratory environments. The unit uses an interference filter, which is polarization independent over the full wavelength range with a PDL of <0.1 dB. Insertion loss and bandwidth are also wavelength independent. A full range of bandwidths and filter profiles are available. The filter has a two-stage design that enables continuous tuning over a full 80 nm, which is ideal for C-band and L-band assessment in DWDM systems.Santec Corp.Japan
The 1906 OFA is a high-performance optical amplifier in a compact package. It offers space and cost savings when measured against larger units or passive gain blocks, which require the addition of a separate pump unit. Amplifier board design is simplified, manufacturing time is reduced, and the elimination of the pump-to-module pigtail eliminates the risk of fiber damage between the two components.Alcatel OptronicsFrance
The POF-LAN promotes WDM communications by expanding the current 4-wavelength to 8-12-wavelength. This technology is useful for any communication, including standard bus, customer unique bus, analog, and digital. Other benefits include one-way, two-way, and interactive communications through SI-POF; unique LAN system with the coexisting IEEE 1349 bus; and cheaper device can be turned into high-performance systems by EDM.ALPS Electric Co. Ltd.Japan
The FiberGate optical-fiber backplane connector system incorporates 1.25-mm ceramic ferrules. It additionally provides four individually aligned terminations in the space of a single SC with good optical performance. Shutters ensure cleanliness and full-floating mounting ensures positive alignment on the boards.HUBER + SUHNER Inc.Essex Junction, VT

The RXM-750 is a fully integrated fiber-optic receiver module suited for SONET OC-1, OC-3, OC-12, and other 45-Mbit/sec to 750-Mbit/sec fiber-optic transmission applications that demand superior performance. The module converts a 45-Mbit/sec to 750-Mbit/sec fiber-optic NRZ signal to differential PECL data outputs. A CMOS flag alerts the user to a loss-of-signal condition when the optical input falls below an acceptable level and a single +5-V supply provides bias for the module's preamplifier and quantizer. The photodiode may be biased with -5 V or grounded. All elements are integrated into a fiber-coupled 1.3-inch x 0.635-inch 20-pin DIL package.
Vectron International
Norwalk, CT

The ALVTR201 10-Gbit transceiver is a 4x2.5-Gbit/sec transceiver. Package mini aturization enables the transceiver to have a footprint only half the size of the standard SFF module. Applications include 4x2.12-Gbaud Fibre Channel aggregation and 10-Gbit Ethernet. The transceivers require a single 3.3-V supply and is fully SMT-compatible. More functionality such as clock and data recovery and serializer/deserializer may be added for custom applications. Alvesta Corp.Sunnyvale, CA
The 10-Gbit/sec Translight transponder family features a 10-Gbit/sec optical transmitter with a 16:1 622-Mbit/sec LVDS input multiplexer and a 10-Gbit/sec optical receiver with preamp, limiting amp, clock/data recovery, and a 1:16 622-Mbit/sec demultiplexer with LVDS outputs. These transponder devices are intended for use in the latest ultra-high-speed, singlemode optical telecommunications and data-communications applications at distances from <2 km to 80 km.Lucent TechnologiesBreiningsville, PA
OptiSim 3.0 allows optical-system engineers to account for impairments of DWDM systems due to stimulated Raman scattering as well as design of distributed and discrete amplifiers based on the Raman effect. The release also contains new simulation methods to speed up simulation while maintaining a user-defined level of accuracy. In addition to the SRS-enhanced fiber model, several new, powerful models for system-level components are also in the release: measurement-based parametric models for EDFAs and laser transmitters, wavelength converters, optical-crossconnect switches, and optical add/drop multiplexers. ARTIS Software Corp.San Jose, CA
The OCP 2.5-Gbit/sec family includes SONET OC-48 and SDH STM-16 transceivers for short/intermediate-reach applications. These industry-standard, multisource, FP-DFB laser 2x9 pin duplex SC/FC/ST transceivers are rated Class 1 for laser safety and available with data-only or CDR functionality. Single 5-V designs make 2.5-Gbit/sec performance practical for OEMs in internetworking and telecommunications markets, delivering full conformance to SONET/SDH standards, including jitter tolerance and jitter-transfer function parameters. Supporting 0° to 70°C operation, the conductive plastic or metal packages offer flexibility for RFI/EMI and ESD system-design considerations. New SFF-LC and VCSEL models are in development.Optical Communications Products Inc.Chatsworth, CA
The NYW-55 tunable-laser module combines the company's DRB laser chip with the electronics of the NYW-50. The 10-dBm output power of the NYW-55 is a tunable-laser module with control electronics, making it suitable for replacing fixed-wavelength lasers in DWDM systems.Altitun ABSweden
The PS-160-A is lined up for L-band applications that need fast polarization scrambling at 1,570 to 1,620 nm. The scrambler is a prerequisite for precise characterization of optical components and EDFAs. It has a short integration time (10 microsec) with good optical properties, low loss (less than 0.5 dB without a connector), and low PLD (less than 0.01 dB).FIBERPROKorea

The SU320 series near-infrared camera technology provides sensitivity and high dynamic range coupled with linear response through the 900- to 1,700-nm spectrum. The camera technology is ideally suited for telecommunications applications, including test and measurement, diagnostics, and stray-light detection. With video output and 12-bit digitized signal, the SU320 can be triggered to an event and is C-mount lens-compatible. Proven applications are fiber inspection, optical-component alignment, laser-beam diagnostics, and semiconductor wafer inspection.
Sensors Unlimited Inc.
Princeton, NJ

This range of flat-gain L-Band EDFAs is available over the 1,560- to 1,605-nm bandwidth range. There are three standard saturation output powers available: 14, 18, and 21 dBm (customized output powers are also available.) Optimum gain flatness is <±0.5 dB and the typical noise figure is <5.5 dB over a temperature range of 0° to 80°C. These EDFAs are produced using the company's erbium-doped fibers (EDF-742 and EDF-743) specially designed for L-band applications. Mod ules include an OEM gain-lock module or benchtop version.
Highwave Optical Technologies Inc.
Piscataway, NJ

The MultiWave CoreDirector optical-core switch provides the high-bandwidth switching, protection, and provisioning capabilities for next-generation optical networking. The switch enables carrier customers to provide switched optical services ranging from wavelengths to protected private-line services. It provides up to 640 Gbits/sec of full-duplex switching in a 7-foot telco rack and supports 256 OC-48/ STM-16 or 64 OC-192/STM-64 interfaces in a single bay. It supports OC-3 / STM-1, OC-12/STM-4, OC-48/STM-16, and OC-192/STM-64 optical interfaces to accommodate legacy switches and routers without requiring standalone SONET/SDH multiplexers.Ciena Corp.Linthicum, MD
The Acticure is a small-area curing system ideal for use in automated or manual precision-assembly environments and delivers power with control. Output intensity can be adjusted from the front panel and locked into place. The Acticure also comes with accessories that meet challenging application requirements. EFOS Inc.Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
The CityLIGHT fiber-access solution for last-mile, high-speed data links has been designed in response to carriers and service providers for a managed, reliable, edge-access hardware solution. A separate management channel to each transceiver provides secure control and monitoring of every device from one SNMP card installed in the chassis, including the remote units. It supports all LAN protocols over links up to 60 km and monitors the edge of the network and up to and including customer connection ports. First Fiber Ltd.York, England

Opticurve is an advanced fiber-optic distribution platform that provides cost-effective solutions for a two-way HFC broadband network based on the com pany's technology from 1,310/1,550-nm transmitters, EDFA, and forward-link receivers to reverse-link transmitters/ receivers. The all-in-one system has high technique, good performance, and flexibility.
New Elite Technologies Inc.
TaiwanCircle No. 342

These 10-Gbit/sec transmitter and receiver modules to meet the growing demand for higher functionality modules to its customers. The transmitter/receiver pair provides a low-cost solution for error-free data transmission for distances to over 2 km. The transmitter utilizes a directly modulated laser operating at 1,310 nm to convert an electrical input at 9.953 Gbits/s to an optical output.

The receiver, which is fully SONET (OC-192)/SDH(STM-16) compliant for short-reach applications, uses a PIN photodetector and supports wavelengths from 1,200 up to 1,600 nm.
JDS Uniphase Corp.
San Jose, CA

This singlemode or multimode fiber-optic coupler has an all-fiber construction and stable environmental performance selections of standard, wavelength-flattened, and wideband. Star and tree couplers are available in 1x2 and 32x32 sizes. The fiber-optic coupler is 100% tested and Bellcore GR1209-compliant.Hope Optic Communications Co. Ltd.China
This LC attenuator is the newest member of the company's doped-fiber-attenuator family. It belongs to the small-form-factor connector series designed to provide high density and low insertion loss. It features a proprietary type of metal-ion doped fiber as the attenuating material that is a continuous piece of light absorbing doped fiber rather than spliced or offset fiber-construction methods.SENKO Advanced Components Inc.Southboro, MA

These low-loss 980-nm pump-signal WDMs are available in a variety of fiber types. They allow multiplexing of signal and pump in EDFAs and can be supplied in SpecTran SMB-DO980B, Corning Flexcor, Corning CS-980, and Fibercore SM-980. Component performance is consistent, and loss is typically <0.1 dB. Both C- and L-band versions are available with devices used for operation over both bands simultaneously.
SIFAM Fiber Optics Ltd.
Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom

The non-strippable primary coating (NSP) fiber has good reliability and mechanical strength and has already been lined up with fibers for singlemode, multimode, and dispersion-shifted fiber. The bare fiber is 115 microns in diameter and coated with a layer of 5-micron NSP, which is hard to peel off from the bare fiber, thereby protecting the fiber surface against damage. The fiber offers a solution to prevent the degradation of fiber strength from the stripping process and offers good matching with conventional fibers.Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd.Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan
The SFP-550 polishing machine is suitable for mass production and capable of 18-axis polishing (maximum). It provides PC and APC polishing of FC, SC, and ST connectors and is also applicable to MT-RJ, SFF, and other connectors.SEIKOH GIKEN Co. Ltd.Japan
The SLED1620D is a 14-pin DIL super-luminescent LED of the Opto Speed family. The family offers a broad range of SLED devices for different wavelengths (1300 to 1500) with high power (1 mW to 20 mW), wide optical bandwidth (30 to 50 nm), and very low ripple (<0.01 dB). The SLED1620 operates in the 1.6-micron window and is designed to achieve an optimal tradeoff between high power and optical bandwidth. The module includes a Peltier element and 10-kmicron thermistor for device temperature stabalization and standard 1-m singlemode-fiber pigtail that is also possible with multimode fiber.Opto Speed SASwitzerland
The AdvanceLite cable features fiber optimized for laser-based protocols. The cables are compatible with LED systems and provide link lengths to handle Gigabit Ethernet transmission, while maintaining full compatibility with existing installed FDDI-grade cable. The cables are manufactured with Corning's InfiniCor optical fiber to provide quality and consistent performance for laser-based systems. In addition to stand ard TruLite fiber-optic cables, the AdvanceLite comes with third-party-verified performance to TIA/EIA-568A.Mohawk/CDTLeominster, MA
This wavelength-locked 100-GHz grid-capable laser is equipped with an integral 10-Gbit/sec modulator. Incorporating programmable power and chip, this high-performance, flexible transmitter is suitable for medium- and long-reach applications on any fiber.Nortel NetworksPaignton, Devon, United Kingdom
The Eclipse variable optical attenuators (VOAs) are reliable, all-solid-state, and high-speed in a package measuring only 1.03x0.4 inch. In under 500 microsec, optical signal strength can be adjusted over the complete 20-dB range. These devices are ideal for manufacturers of fiber amplifiers, add/drop multiplexers, broadband sources, cable-TV systems, and instrumentation. Depending on the application, the VOA may be set to maintain an electronically adjustable value of either attenuation or output power. NZ Applied Technologies Corp.Woburn, MA
These 980-nm laser diodes add to the company's optical-component portfolio of DWDMs, couplers, isolators, and polarizers. They provide users with constant and reliable passive and active optical-component solutions. ADCMinneapolis, MN

The MTX510EW is a high-speed electro-absorption modulated DFB laser (EML) for 1.55-micron DWDM applications up to 12.5 Gbits/sec. It consists of an integrated multiquantum DFB laser and electro-absorption modulator packaged in a 7-pin butterfly package with a high-speed of GPO RF connector. The package is laser-welded, hermetic, and epoxy-free. The entire optical train is inside the package and hermetically sealed, which results in excellent temperature stability for operation up to 75°C.
Multiplex Inc.
South Plainfield, NJ

The WavePump 980-nm and 1,480-nm all-fiber pump-laser combiners are for optical amplifiers. With 3- and 6-nm channel spacing, the 980-nm is designed to combine the output of two, three, or four lasers, while supporting power throughput of >1 W. The 1480-nm pump laser has 7.5- and 10-nm channel spacing. The all-fiber architecture of the lasers offers low insertion loss, low polarization-dependent loss, and low backreflection.WaveSplitter Technologies Corp.Fremont, CA

The SDL-6540 series 980-nm pump laser is useful for high-performance EDFAs. The pump-laser chip features reliable, kink-free output powers up to 500 mW. The chip will enable fiber-coupled pump modules with kink-free output powers up to 300 mW. The SDL-6540 series chip will also power the next generation of high-bandwidth EDFAs for undersea fiber-optic networks.
SDL Inc.
San Jose, CA

This line of connectorized cables for patch cords and pigtails surpasses the industry standards for termination quality and provide users with high reliability. Telect Inc.Liberty Lake, WA
This round-duplex and distribution fiber-optic cable is used in patch-cord assembly and inside-building optical transmission. The round-duplex cable is designed for MT-RJ connector assembly, which comprises the two PVC coated 900-micron colored optical fiber. The company also provides 900-micron hytrel tubing, 3.0 fanout rubbing for passive device protection, and simplex and zipcord cable for patch-cord assemblies.FiTeK Photonics Corp.Taiwan
The fixed-type FC, SC female-to-male attenuators are all-fiber attenuators ranging from 1 dB to 25 dB, with wavelengths ranging from 1,310 to 1,550 nm. The attenuators have low insertion loss and high return loss.Emit Technology Co. Ltd.Taiwan
This compact fiber-optic switch (CFSW) features a low insertion loss of 0.6 dB and high 5-msec switching speed. By relying on a proprietary design, the switch has a typical ±0.03 dB repeatability for highly reliable switching. It is also ideal for signal-routing or protection-switching applications.E-TEK DynamicsSan Jose, CA
These LC-format, high-performance fixed optical attenuators (FOAs) combine all-fiber attenuation technology with the advantages of SFF connectivity. These FOAs fit easily into dense patch panels, even in duplex configurations. The attenuators exhibit low backreflection and polarization-dependent loss, have flat spectral response, and are capable of handling power levels of more that 1 W.Storm Products-Fiber OpticsWestmont, IL
This fiber-optic polisher offers programmable controls, speed, and accuracy for medium-volume mass production. The OFL-15 programmable polisher can polish up to 16 connectors in four minutes and allows programming of up to 15 different processes with up to five individually programmable steps per process. It accommodates a full range of industry-standard polishing styles and can process a variety of ferrule material. The OFL-15 offers mass-production polishing without periodic calibration and little need for repolishing.Seiko Instruments USA Inc.Torrance, CA

These fiber-optic EB (expanded-beam) connectors and cable assemblies are well suited for the aircraft industry and harsh environments. The company's butt-joint-type connector with up-front, easily cleaned ferrule tips can be used without guide sleeves.
Formex AB

The FullWAVE is an optoelectronic simulation tool that solves Maxwell's equations using the finite-difference-time-domain (FDTD) technique and has application to devices such as photonic crystals, ring resonators, and corner reflectors. The package works with the BeamPROP tool for integrated and fiber-optic photonic device design and includes 2-D and 3-D FDTD with PML boundary conditions, CW or pulsed excitation, power flow and spectral analysis, and real-time graphical display. The tool can be used for visualizing electromagnetic fields for educational purposes.RSoft Inc.Ossining, NY
The GD16584/85 is a 10-Gbit/sec transmitter/receiver chipset with LVDS-compatible clock and data I/Os intended for use in SONET OC-192 applications. The GD16584 is a clock and data recovery with a 1:16 demultiplexer. The GD16585 is a 16:1 multiplexer with retiming, clock generation, PLL, and phase nulling circuit that provides forward timing and filters jitter on the reference clock. The two devices have a low power consumption of 2.2 W (transmitting) and 3.3W (receiving), respectively. The GD16584/85 chipset exceeds the ITU-T and Bellcore jitter requirements, has a very low crossover jitter, and is in a 13x13-mm BGA.GIGA North America Inc.Thousand Oaks, CA

The HMUs are used in optical terminal equipment, optical relay racks, instrumentation, servers, and relay stations.
Hirose Electric Co. Ltd.

These isolators characterize PMD-free, high isolation of more than 60 dB, high return loss of more than 50 dB, low insertion loss of less than 0.42 dB, and high polarization-independence.
Shinkosha Co. Ltd.

The C-Collimator is designed for fiber-optic applications that require a long working distance. Standard collimators work well for distances up to 70 mm. The C-Collimator has an insertion loss of 0.7 dB at 140-mm working distance compared with a standard collimator, which has an insertion loss of 1.9 dB. The collimator has passed the Bellcore standard and has similar performance as a standard collimator, which has the insertion loss of less than 0.2 dB at working distances of less than 20 mm.

The WaveWalker portfolio of liquid-crystal (LC)-based optical components takes advantage of a mature manufacturing infrastructure. The products range from optical switched and variable attenuators to wavelength selection modules and dispersion compensators with built-in test control that allows continuous monitoring of component health and status.SpectraSwitch IncSanta Rosa, CA
The AngstromBond AB9001MT is a two-part, room-temperature curing adhesive designed for use in MT, MT-RJ, and other SFF connector assemblies. Its blue color allows for easy polishing, and its low-temperature curing capability produces low stress, thereby eliminating fiber cracking in singlemode and multimode applications. This thixotropic epoxy yields high bind strength to glass, ceramic, metals, and plastics, including Vaalox. It is a versatile system that has been successfully used for encapsulating fiber-optic adapters into metal housing where a strong bond and moisture seal were required.Fiber Optic Center Inc.New Bedford, MA

The FSU 995 family of fusion splicers for industrial use have the unique features to satisfy demanding requirements of specialized fiber splicing, such as PM splicing, erbium splicing, thin-core fiber splicing, and negative index matching. The series also includes a fusion-splicing concept for high-strength splicing. The ergonomically designed splicers are accurate, reliable, and easy to operate in any environment.
Ericsson Cables AB

The Thread-Lock Versa-Cleave precision cleave tool eliminates shattered fiber during the "scribe and break" process of fiber-optic cable termination. Benefits include multiconnector compatibility, push-button operation, a high-quality diamond-cutting blade, and safe debris disposal. The cleave is equally effective on any style or brand of ST, SC, or FC fiber connectors for both singlemode and multimode cable. It was developed as a companion tool to the company's Thread-Lock family of fiber-optic connectors but designed to accommodate all brands with a standard 2.5-mm ferrule size. An integrated debris cup catches hazardous fiber trimmings, and retains them until they can be safely disposed. The new cutting-blade technology gives the tool long life and precise, shatter-proof cutting action in excess of 5,000 cleaves.Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.Bothell, WA
The E6091A OTDR Toolkit II is a software package for the company's optical time-domain reflectometer products. The time required for post-processing fiber measurement data is minimized through advanced batch-mode and reporting features. The toolkit can show up to 40 individual traces on a PC screen. With the E6000B mini-OTDR, instead of analyzing each individual fiber or event, technicians can batch process two-way averaging and pass/fail data, which cuts their post-processing time from days to minutes. Agilent Technologies Inc.Germany
The fiber-optic connector tester, AR-201, is developed to satisfy the demand for measuring return loss and insertion loss for singlemode fiber (SMF) and multimode (MMF) fibers. Return loss is up to 60 dB for SMF and up to 40 dB for MMF. The accuracy of insertion loss is ± 0.1 dB for SMF and MMF. Three different light sources, the 1,310 nm and 1,550 nm for SMF and 850 nm for MMF, are integrated in a standard model supplying GPIB interface. Dimensions are 300x330x140 mm, and weight is 7 kg.NTT Advanced Technology Corp.Tokyo, Japan

WALICS is a multiwavelength spectrum analyzer optimized for testing DWDM systems. It features an optical configuration that provides a clean-cut spectral response with an optical resolution of less than 20 pm. The system can analyze closely spaced channels (25-GHz spacings) for DWDM testing. It covers the full 1,450- to 1,650-nm range for maximum flexibility and is optimized for performance in the 1,500- to 1,620-nm range for both the C- and L-band. The analyzer locates the active channels automatically and measures their center frequency (or wavelength), power, and optical signal-to-noise ratio, and the drifts of power and wavelength over time.
Photonetics S.A.

The OFM1020 is a short-haul fiber-optic OTDR with spatial resolution, zero point fiber-optic links, and star or ring networks in aircraft, spacecraft, naval vessels, and other mobile platforms. Link lengths range from a few feet to several hundred feet. The OFM1020 is a commercial off-the-shelf, sealed, rugged, explosion-proof, and RF-safe instrument that is operational over a wide temperature range. It may be used indoors on the flightline or on shipboard under harsh conditions. Pricing in single quantities is $55,000.
Opto-Electronics Inc.
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

These 10-Gbit/sec VCSEL-based transmitters and receivers are low-cost, short-reach (less than 300 m), high-speed interconnects. Applications for these transceivers include OC-192 links within a central office, other intra-office links, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The available transmitters and receivers are expensive SONET-compatible components originally designed for long-haul applications. The transceivers are inherently low cost due to the use of directly modulated VCSELs and GaAs photodiodes that can be operated without cooling elements, external modulators, or optical isolators. The links additionally use low cost, multimode fiber that is easy to terminate and handle in the field. The transmitter module includes a VCSEL, monitor photodiode, laser driver, and control electronics for automatic gain control and DC restoration.New Focus Inc.Santa Clara, CA
The FTB-5240 optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) features lab performance, specific options for outside-plant applications, including monitor output, drift overtime, and adjustable spectral range in a small box. The ruggedness of the platform that hosts the OSA module makes it a unique product for operators deploying the latest WDM technology.EXFO Electrical Optical EngineeringQuebec, Canada

The AQ8201 series optical test and measurement system is mountable to a 19-inch rack mainframe designed to meet the demands of volume production of DWDM optical devices. Features include a plug-in module design that is space- and cost-effective and a LabVIEW driver that enhances evaluation system automation. The AQ8201 series includes C-band DFB-LD light source, ASE light source, optical power meter, optical attenuator, and an OSA plug-in module.
Ando Electric Co. Ltd.