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The Fiber Jack (FJ) transceiver is designed to interface with Fiber Jack-compatible (FOCIS-6) components. The transceiver is half the size of a typical SC transceiver, providing dramatic improvements in printed-circuit-board spacing and offering the potential for significant savings in the cost per port. The transceivers are available for a broad range of applications, including Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and ATM. The FJ transceivers are small-form-factor (SFF) multisource agreement compliant, assuring the same package dimensions, pinouts, and electrical characteristics as most other SFF transceivers for compatibility.
Panduit Corp.
Tinley Park, IL


This free upgraded design-software CD package provides a useful tool for engineers and contractors in planning cable pathways. The CD includes design software for download into AutoCAD to digitally plan and organize cable tray pathways. The add-on tool makes it easy to place, edit, and modify the length and amount of tray needed. The CD also includes drawings, a photo gallery, EZ Tray Guide, product illustrations, video, and success stories.
Cablofil Inc.
St. Louis


The 86130A BitAlyzer is a general-purpose serial 3.6-Gbit/sec BERT that has been optimized to simplify a wide range of R&D and manufacturing test applications. Verification of FEC devices and circuits is critical in submarine and terrestrial networks. The BitAlyzer allows users to experiment with different interleave depths and helps novice users set up the instrument faster, take accurate measurements, and view them in more revealing ways. In conjunction with other instruments, the 86130A enables users to measure impedance discontinuities and crosstalk of SAN-related multiplexers and demultiplexers to ensure signal integrity and check compliance with international standards using eye-diagram masks.
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Palo Alto, CA


This integrated photodetector, IPD-10, has been developed specifically for integration in high-speed DWDM transmission systems. There is a need to monitor the power levels of pre-multiplexer and post-demultiplexer transmission channels in DWDM systems. The company's IPD-10 enables real-time monitoring of the optical power through each channel with minimal insertion loss. It accommodates up to 10 channels and provides for simultaneous monitoring of each channel. Optical properties include a broad wavelength range covering C- and L-bands, low back reflection, and high photocurrent. The device contains a built-in tap coupler to enable power monitoring with a minimal loss of <1 dB. The loss is uniform over the entire wavelength range, is compact, and can be easily integrated onto any board.
Komaki, Japan
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The Pure Digital, One Fiber line of products uses all-digital processing and transmission to send any combination of analog video, audio, and data signals, including "up the coax," over one fiber-optic cable, in either one or two directions. The system converts incoming analog signals to a pure digital bit stream, optically transmits the stream over a single fiber, and converts the signals back to their original analog form at the receiving end. Because of the all-digital processing and transmission, there is no crosstalk or drifting, distortion is minimized, and the system delivers a uniform, high-quality signal over the entire transmission distance.
Communications Specialties Inc.
Hauppauge, NY

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The Expando DM is designed to meet the wiring protection needs of engineers and end users. The sleeve is a combination of polyester and nylon monofilaments that provide increased tensile strength to protect hoses, wire harnesses, and cable assemblies during installation. The nylon guard strands increase abrasion resistance needed during cable pulling. The Expando DM's enhanced flexibility facilitates cable pulling in tight spaces, while protecting the wires from harsh environments. The open-weave construction of the sleeve makes it resistant to trapping water, heat, and humidity. It is UL-recognized and rated to 125°C and has low temperature flexibility to -70°C. The Expando DM allows greater flexibility and expandability to fit different applications and the sleeve fits a wide range of application shapes and sizes.
Federal-Mogul Systems Protection Group
West Chester, PA

This 2.5-Gbit/sec 850-nm oxide VCSEL offers the speed, performance, and reliability demanded of next-generation data-communications networks. The product will form the critical high-speed optical link for next-generation serial- and parallel-optical transceivers for OC-192 and other markets. Gigalase with OxideGuide VCSELs are ideal for applications such as storage-area and local-area networks. The company's VCSELs also provide lower current thresholds and smoother slope efficiencies to meet performance requirements of existing and future Gigabit Ethernet standards. The new products are available as bare die or can be built into TO-cans or optical subassemblies and are an expansion of the company's successful Gigalase product family of 850-nm VCSELs.


This line of epoxy adhesives helps control the bondline of the substrates that are being bonded. Spacers can be added to most adhesives and range in size from submicron to 5 mil. A constant bondline plays a crucial role in bonding that can affect the performance of the end product. These agents are designed to control the bondline and can be added to existing material or used in a custom formulation made for a specific application.
Tra-Con Inc.
Bedford, MA


This light-intensity current-voltage (LIV) test system for testing laser diode modules (LDM) used in fiber-optic telecommunications applications has been field-proven in close cooperation with major telecom manufacturers to provide a complete LDM test solution, including control of the thermo-electric cooler, which is a critical part of LDM assemblies. A variety of test and measurement capabilities can be configured based on the instruments selected for the test system. A typical system consists of the Model 2400 Digital SourceMeter, the company's new Model 2510 TEC SourceMeter, and two Model 6517A Electrometers. The LIV test system delivers performance and operating ease difficult to achieve with do-it-yourself test racks.
Keithley Instruments Inc.
ClevelandTh 1708lwe013

The MP1570A is a portable analyzer that supports DS-1 to OC-192c in a single mainframe. It has the ability to measure SONET, SDH, PDH, and ATM with a single instrument that can be used during R&D manufacturing to analyze optical circuits as well as during the installation and maintenance of fiber networks to ensure optimum system performance. The MP1570A can measure signal bit rates from 1.5 Mbits/sec to 10 Gbits/sec and has wavelength tuning capability. It has a number of built-in functions, including concatenation mapping from OC-3 to OC-192c and CID pattern and tandem connection monitoring. The MP1570A has a powerful through-mode, mixed-payload feature, and a BERT function. It has a separate plug-in unit so it can be economically configured to meet specific test requirements. One plug-in unit has a frame memory/capture function for data editing and analysis for up to 64 features.
Anritsu Co.
Richardson, TX


This 4-color, 12-page brochure provides information on the company's GIGAlite fiber solutions designed to support the latest in gigabit communication protocols. According to the brochure, the company's GIGAlite Enhanced Optical Fiber Solutions are available across the company's entire fiber-optic cable line, including the Adventum loose-tube plenum design. Also included in the brochure is application information on GIGAlite fiber, designed to deliver the high bandwidth, low attenuation, and distance specifications that will support any current and future communications protocol and applications.
New Holland, PA

This two-page, full-color brochure explores the features and benefits of the Bench Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope designed for use in the critical inspection of fiber-optic terminations and is a useful tool for the examination of connector ferrule ends in manufacturing, quality control, research, and other environments. The brochure lists all the features, specifications, accessories, and ordering information for a variety of standard and custom models. Accessories include a line of connector adapters, closed-circuit-TV systems, and digital cameras.
Prior Scientific
Rockland, MA

"Solutions for the Dynamic LAN" details a wide range of applications for the company's FutureFLEX air-blown fiber-optic-cabling systems. The eight-page brochure also provides a brief tutorial on FutureFLEX's technology, hardware, and installation. The brochure details benefits of the cabling system for high-speed voice, data, and video LANs.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp.
Research Triangle Park, NC

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