ECOC Product Showcase

Sept. 1, 2003
The compact high-performance arrayed-waveguide gratings are based on advanced technologies and meet diverse customer needs.NTT Electronics (NEL), Tokyo
Combining high performance with an easy to integrate package, the OPM Module measures optical-signal-to-noise ratio with accuracy better than ±0.5 dB and covers the C- and L-bands with a resolution down to 2 pm. It also features an industry-standard DPRAM interface, command set, and footprint. The standard form, fit, and function ensures continuity for system manufacturers, while an onboard DSP allows them to easily add new functions in the future.NP Photonics, Tucson, AZ
The 850-nm 10-Gbit/sec vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) packaged in LC-TOSA comes in bare die form as well as mounted on TO-CANs, TOSA, and other packages.Fuji Xerox, Kanagawa, Japan
The polarization-insensitive Miniature Optical Circulator features low insertion loss, high isolation, and a small form factor. With high performance and reliability, it is well suited for erbium-doped fiber-amplifier, dynamic gain equalization, dispersion compensation, and other optical-network applications. Customized design and expert integration are provided to equipment manufacturers worldwide.Oplink Communications, San Jose, CA
The higher-density simplified compact LC adapter and ferrule interface is suited for space-constrained optical-module applications. The adapter fits into a reduced-size aperture and only extends into the electro-optical enclosure a minimal distance, an inch (25.4 mm) less than a standard LC adapter with BTW connectors. The interface system is in full compliance with all LC performance specifications; it meets Telcordia GR-326-CORE, EIA/TIA 568A, TIA FOCIS 10, and ISO 11801 standards for optical performance and intermateability.Stratos Lightwave, Chicago
The MTX510EW "21-type" EML module in a 21-pin butterfly package uses a high-..performance EML platform operating at 1550 nm. Careful control of the output signal for minimum "chirp" allows the module to provide long reach over spans of standard singlemode fiber. Packaging features RF input pins on the rear, eliminating the need for complex 90-degree routing. The module contains an internal laser-driver IC, a dual-photodiode-type wavelength sensor, and a back facet power monitor. Multiplex, South Plainfield, NJ

LUMISTAR graded index plastic optical fiber (POF) is capable of high-speed ..transmission at more than 1 Gbit/sec without deterioration in output signal quality, due to the optimal graded index distribution of refractive index within the POF.
Fuji Photo Film, Tokyo

The versatile, high-performance optical transmitter for OC-768 is capable of delivering high-quality 40-Gbit/sec return to zero (RZ), non-NRZ, CS-RZ, and DPSK signals. Signal-to-noise-ratio values in excess of 18 and 23 have been achieved as well as low peak-peak timing jitter of less than 5 and 2 psec for the NRZ and RZ/CS-RZ signals, respectively. Dynamic extinction ratio of better than 13 dB is typical.SHF Communication Technologies AG, Berlin
The WestBay WB4500 virtual concatenation multiprotocol OC-48/STM-16 and OC-12/STM-4 data framer and mapper is designed for high-density SONET/SDH telecom/datacom applications in the MAN and at the edge of the WAN. Through 48 separate logical channels, it offers simultaneous, multiprotocol processing and mapping for TDM (voice and leased lines) and key data transmission protocols, including ..ATM, packet over SONET, generic framing protocol, and LAPS, enabling flexible single-box solutions.Intel, Santa Clara, CA

The TRV709A 10-Gbit/sec widely tunable transceiver is suited for metro/long-haul DWDM applications at rates from 9.95 to 10.71 Gbits/sec. The highly integrated transceiver includes a tunable laser ..covering the full C-band with 50-GHz spacing, lithium niobate Mach-Zehnder modulator, high-sensitivity avalanche photodiode, jitter filter, and multiplexer/demultiplexer in a 300-pin multisource-agreement package measuring 3.5×4.5×0.53 inch
Opnext, Eatontown NJ

With its new core composition, the IsoGain erbium-doped fiber delivers excellent spectral flatness and high efficiency in high-channel-count DWDM erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs)—maximizing filtered gain and creating potential for unfiltered high-channel-count designs. Using a sophisticated computer simulation package, the fiber in a single-stage EDFA can handle 32 simultaneous channels and pump with 100 mW at 980 nm, with a gain flatness of 0.6 dB.
ATOS GmbH, Pfungstadt, Germany

The 10-, 20-, and 40-Gbit/sec high-bandwidth Z-cut Mach-Zehnder lithium niobate intensity modulators with patented ZPol (z-poled) technology produce low driving voltage (VP = 4 V at 10 Gbits/sec), zero or pre-determined chirp, and single electrode driving. The single electrode simplifies the driving circuit. Together with the low driving voltage, the single driving also contributes to reduction in power consumption.Photline Technologies, Besançon, France
Based on FBT and GlasSolder technologies, the Mini small-form-factor concatenated module is suited for high-density, ..passive-optical-networking, and fiber to the X applications. It uses a patent-pending chemical passivation technique that enhances long-term reliability in challenging environmental conditions. The module can be customized to a miniature size and comes in various configurations .Gould Fiber Optics, Millersville, MD

The Telcordia-qualified 8×1 Micro Mux/Demux-8 with express channel is ITU G.694.2-compliant as well as data-rate- and protocol-independent. It combines or separates up to eight optical channels with express functionality on a CWDM ITU grid for metro core, metro access, and enterprise CWDM systems. The multiplexer/demultiplexer is suited for OEMs that manufacture optical-networking subsystems and require small parts for line-card integration.
Gigabit Optics, Sunnyvale, CA

A 10-Gbit/sec exerciser/analyzer, the BitSling10 universally applicable test and measurement system enables evaluation of different optical and electrical 10-Gbit/sec components in one system. It can measure rudimentary elements such as laser diodes or opto-receivers as well as various XAUI-based optical 10-Gbit/sec hot-pluggable modules. Because of the exerciser/analyzer's unlimited switching capabilities in its data paths, the different elements can be tested and verified individually or simultaneously and against each other.AMO GmbH, Aachen, Germany
OptSim 3.6 is a powerful, user-friendly tool for simulation-assisted design and validation of optical transmission systems, includingCWDM/DWDM/OTDM amplified systems, ultra-long-haul terrestrial and submarine systems, metro networks, and cable TV/digital/analog systems. It now includes a comprehensive VCSEL model that accounts ..for spatial and thermal effects, an extended library of vendor components, a multimode fiber model, and a highly demanded SPICE interface.RSoft Design Group, Ossining, NY
An automation solution for the fiber-optic connectors, the Gemini-Cx integrated connector polishing, cleaning, and inspection system enables improved yield and labor savings in today's high-mix/low-volume market. It uses adaptive process controls in combination with an integrated automated manufacturing platform.Sagitta, Hauppauge, NY

The APT advanced positioning technology is a flexible, open-ended positioning system that meets performance, ease of use, and upgradability criteria for a wide range of applications. The APT six-axis ..stage has half the typical footprint and offers three times the linear travel (12 mm). GALPin technology combines the resolution and friction- and stiction-free performance characteristics of flexures with that of the increased travel and compact construction of bearing rails.
Melles Griot, Cambridgeshire, UK