attendees' choice awards: congratulations ofc 2003

June 1, 2003
Lightwave is pleased to recognize the winners of its third annual Attendees' Choice Awards, held at the 2003 Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) Conference in Atlanta in March. The awards are designed to provide a "grass roots" view of what's hot and what's not, and many OFC attendees took the time to tell us which products impressed them the most at the show. Look for additional Attendees' Choice Awards opportunities at the upcoming NFOEC Sept. 7–11 in Orlando, FL.
MSPP interface cardsThe ONS 15454 Multiservice Provisioning Platform's (MSPP) optical capabilities are coupled with IOS software to deliver metro Ethernet and IP solutions over a multiservice network architecture. The MSPP's ML-Series interface cards provide Ethernet switching and IP routing capabilities.Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, CA
PON computer-based training CD-ROMThe computer-based training (CBT) 200-page CD-ROM titled "Passive Optical Networks" incorporates 17 digital animations, 33 video clips, two live design exercises and 10 self-quizzes, with chapters covering all facets of fiber-to-the-home and -building applications. Designed for those who design, install, test, and maintain FTTH and PON networks, the CBT program includes PON origins and development, specifications and standards, protocols and data rates, topologies and architectures, and components and systems.The Light Brigade, Kent, WA

40-km SFF XFP transceiver
The FTRX-3611-3 40-km small-form-factor XFP optical transceiver uses a 1550-nm EML and an APD receiver and complies with 10GBase-ER/EW (per IEEE 802.3ae) and OC-192 IR-2. It features a serial 10-Gbit/sec electrical interface (XFI) that removes multiplexer/demultiplexer chips from inside the module, enabling significant space and power savings, and supports digital diagnostic functions.
Finisar Corp., Sunnyvale, CA

CWDM OSA spectral engineThe 018-1260 athermal VPG-based OSA spectral engine is designed for portable/handheld network test applications. Fully compatible with ITU-T G.694.2, the CWDM meter offers ±1 nm absolute wavelength accuracy, 50-dB dynamic range, ±0.5-dB channel power accuracy, low power consumption, no moving parts, and <100-msec response time. It is Telcordia GR-1209/1221-qualified.BaySpec Inc., Fremont, CA
High-speed mode converter modulator The 40-Gbit/sec mode converter modulator for high-speed optical networking employs gallium arsenide-based technology to rapidly modulate polarization states of optical-waveguide modes and convert single-polarization continuous wave laser light input into a stable time-varying optical output. In addition to low drive voltages, modulator manufacturing is based on standard volume chip fabrication processes.JGKB Photonics Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia

Automated assembly machine
The FAST 35/350 laser weld assembly tool automates the active optical alignment and assembly of photonic components using a high-precision laser attach process. It is available in semi-automated and fully automated islands or as part of an integrated assembly line.
Palomar Technologies - Photonics Automation, Pittsburgh

Silica 2-channel ferrule
The silica two-channel ferrule high-purity optical-fiber array with narrow (126-mm) spacing enables considerable downsizing of the device package. It allows ultraviolet rays to penetrate into the body and adhesion to cure rapidly because of its transparent properties. CTE mismatch is avoided since the quartz ferrule has the same composition as optical fiber. Long-term reliability is ensured.
Kohoku America Inc., Cambridge, MA

Spectrum equalizer
Dynamic Spectrum Equalizer generates arbitrary filter shapes in the C- or L-band regions of the optical spectrum. Adjustment of 16 independently controlled tunable notch filters is done through an intuitive PC-based graphical interface. Ultra-low insertion loss is achieved using all-fiber construction. Applications include fixed filter design for optical amplifiers and spectral adjustment in WDM testbeds.
Novera Optics Inc., San Jose, CA