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Th 117913
Th 117913

The XLink 10GBase-LR optical transponder is part of the XPAK form-factor system that also includes a guide system and 70-pin XAUI host connector. Designed to the IEEE 802.3ae 10GBase-LR polarization-mode dispersion standard, the transponder is available in 10-Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Fibre Channel (FC) versions. There are four lanes of XAUI data input at 3.125 Gbits/sec (for Ethernet) or 3.1875 Gbits/sec (FC) per lane. The 8B/10B data stream is re-encoded to 64B/66B and can be transmitted up to 10 km over standard singlemode fiber. These lanes are electrically multiplexed to a single channel that modulates an uncooled distributed-feedback laser at 10.3 or 10.5 Gbits/sec. The two versions are hot-pluggable, operate off a 3.3- and 1.8-V power supply, use an SC duplex optical interface, and cover about 36×69 mm of board space.
Molex, Lisle, IL

The OTPDR5101-LR 10-Gbit/sec long-reach multirate transponder is suited for metro applications for links up to 100 km and qualified for operation over an extended temperature range of 0∞-70∞C, reducing the need for temperature control equipment. Capabilities include 50-GHz DWDM laser spacing, integrated wavelocker, and options for dispersion compensation. Users can select from multiple data rates to meet the needs of SONET, Ethernet, and 10.66- or 10.71-Gbit/sec forward error correction data-rate applications. The transponder is available with 0-, 3-, or 7-dBm optical output power, includes an integrated electrical multiplexer and demultiplexer for optical-electrical conversion, and is compliant with Telcordia GR-253 and OIF 99.102.8 optical and electrical performance requirements and the 300-pin multisource-agreement mechanical requirements.
JDS Uniphase, Ottawa, Ontario, and San Jose, CA

The XL-UFTT10G widely tunable 10-Gbit/sec 300-pin multisource-agreement transponder can tune over the entire C-band with 50-GHz wavelength spacing and provide sparing and inventory reduction. Designed for metro and long-haul DWDM applications, the transponder supports an optional ultra-fast wavelength tuning mode that enables optical packet-switching applications and dynamic network scaling and provisioning. Also included is a burst mode receiver with ultra-fast locking clock and data recovery.
XLight Photonics, Tel-Aviv

The R37003 and MP980 80-μm erbium-doped fibers are suited for compact amplifier designs operating in the C- and L-bands in metro applications, offering higher efficiency and reliability, lower noise figure, and tight bend radii. The 80-μm cladding diameter allows smaller coil diameters with less fiber stress, reducing space requirements to <60%. Typical applications include compact cable TV and DWDM systems and 980- and 1480-nm pumps.
OFS Specialty Photonics Division, Norcross, GATh 117914

Based on a platform using planar technology, the RP192 avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver provides excellent sensitivity of typically -26 dBm at a bit-error rate of 10-12 and bandwidth better than 8 GHz. Packaging is a small-form butterfly with ground-signal-ground-signal-ground differential outputs, and future packing is according to surface-mount receiver multisource-agreement specifications. The APD receiver is designed for 10- and 12.5-Gbit/sec applications and comes in digital and analog variations.
Multiplex Inc., South Plainfield, NJTh 117915

The 10.709 forward error correction (FEC) jitter option to the company's MP1777A jitter analyzer enables jitter evaluation such as jitter tolerance, jitter transfer, and output jitter of devices under test, including encoders, decoders, optical modules, and clock and data recovery for optical transport networks at 2.677-, 5.354-, and 10.709-GHz bit rates as well as testing in manufacturing and submarine-network applications. With this option, the analyzer offers the required jitter bandwidth up to 80 MHz on jitter generation and measurement and a maximum of 3,200-Ulp-p jitter modulation amplitude for testing at 10-Gbit/sec and FEC rates.
Anritsu Co., Richardson, TXTh 117916

The TVOA variable optical attenuator with integrated tap and photodiode for power monitoring allows reduced fiber handling and splicing for high-density network applications. It is available in normally open and normally closed configurations with a response time of <5 msec.
Oluma Inc., Carlsbad, CA Th 117917

The cable-in-duct manufacturing capability produces and places jacketed fiber-optic cables inside a duct on a single reel; installation time can be cut significantly since the result is pulling one cable instead of two. It is mainly used in diverse outdoor environments such as underground, but it can also replace indoor cables previously installed in conduit, innerduct, trays, riser shafts, wiring closets, or plenums. Duct types include outdoor polyethylene, indoor polyvinyl chloride, and low-smoke zero-halogen, depending on the installed environment. Any cable construction and fiber count, loose tube or tight buffered, indoor or outdoor, can be produced and placed in the duct in the production line. All cables are tested for optical attenuation and meet the UL-1685 vertical tray fire test, UL-1666 riser fire test, and NFPA 262 (UL-910) plenum fire test.
Draka Comteq, Amsterdam

The PalmScope system with video microscope inspects the ends of fiber connectors in-situ, providing flexible image capture, video recording, and storage capabilities for onsite micro-inspection and quality control. Seven front-panel buttons provide intuitive control of image viewing, freezing, storing, file-name editing, and review via a gallery of video icons and thumbnail images. Power is supplied from a single on-board rechargeable Ni-Mh battery pack. Tested and approved to CE and FCC regulations, the inspection system offers a choice of languages for all on-screen display operations. It has a 6.4-inch (16-cm) TFT LCD screen and can display and freeze high-quality (512¥768 resolution), full-frame resolution JPEG images onscreen. With a potential 1 Gbit on its removable-card storage capacity, the system can store thousands of compressed images or 30 minutes of video.
Moritex Europe Ltd., Cambridge, UK

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